Wall art

Wall art in the walls of the old city buildings. A house, and the last two ones of a school.
Horma artea alde zaharreko kaleetan. Etxe bat eta azkenengo biak ikastola batekoak.
Arte en las paredes de las calles del centro de la ciudad. Una fachada de una casa y las dos últimas de una guardería.

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  1. Hey, that wall art looks really nice!

  2. i´ve never seen the first one. cool shots. so you survived santiago! besos!

  3. Where are those city walls ?? I don't really understand...

  4. I love the lovers wall art, and the idea that schools outer walls could be legally covered by graffiti ... I hope it was the students themselves who were allowed to express and try out their art!

  5. Me encanta la primera! Es en Vitoria?

  6. They are part of a program of the city. Teenagers in coordination with professional artist design and paint this outter walls of city buildings.
    All the shots are from Vitoria´s old town.
    You can fin all the information here.

  7. I love how the town allows the old buildings to become the canvas. A great way to make an old building come alive. I like wall art. Thanks! xoxo

  8. there must live a loving couple in that house! The thing about human perception is that it stops taking notice soon of the things we get used to. That means a lot for architects and designers.

  9. Love this -as well as the story behind it!!


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