City film photos....first in so much time


Some days at home

Weather is not good today. Raining, grey....blue.
Denbora grisa eta euritsua da....urdina.
El tiempo está gris y llueve...azul.

Time to be between books. Home cleanings. Handmade works. And little windows of light.
Irakurtzeko denbora. Etxe garbiketa. Etxeko lanak. Argi lehio txikiak.
Tiempo de libros. De limpieza. De trabajos manuales olvidados. De pequeñas ventanas de luz.

To be tourist at home.
Etxea turista izateko une.
Momento de ser turista en casa.

And just enjoy the little people that is at home to go to new concerts in old places.
Gozatu, jende gutxi dagoelako, leku zaharretan kontzertu berriak ikustera joateko
Simplemente para disfrutar la poca gente que hay en viejos lugares para conocer nuevas voces.


Birthday is over

from rj-studio.com

I was born the 17th of april of 1975 at 10.30 am and I was 3,300 Kg.


Corner view: home

When I arrive home, I have a little, little one person and a bag, or to thin person lift.
Etxera heltzean, aszensore ttippi ttipia, pertsona bat eta poltsa, edo bi pertson argalen tipokoa.
Al llegar a casa tengo un ascensor tipo, una persona y bolsa o dos personas delgadas.

Or I can go up, just using the stairs.
Edo, eskilarak gora egin dezaket.
O puedo subir escaleras arriba.

Sometimes reaching what you want has different ways, some more easy, others more hard, but the important is to reach what you want. Arriving at home.
Batzutan nahi dezuna lortzeko bide asko daude, errezagoak, gogorragoak...baina garrantzitzuena nahi dezuna lortzea da. Etxera heltzea.
Llegar donde uno quiere, tiene diferentes caminos, largos, estrechos, difíciles o más sencillos. Lo importante, sin embargo, es llegar o conseguir lo que uno anhela. Llegar a casa.

Take a look at other homes.


Corner view: time

What is time? How long is something? How many things can I do?
Explore time and the perception of time influenced by what we do....
Zer da denbora? Zenbat irauten dute gauzek? Zenbat gauza egin daitezke?
Denborari buruzko auznarketa eta denboraren dimensioa....
Qué es el tiempo? Cuánto dura algo? Qué podemos hacer?
Explora el tiempo y cómo está influenciado por qué hacemos....


corner view: late reflections

In a bit more than 10 days I will be 36. And lately I spend quite a lot of time reflecting. Quite a lot of my few spare time. Sometimes I think I am living just by inerce. A good friend told me just to brake, but I am afraid of falling if I do it suddendly. So I try to change things...but changes don´t arrive. And I try not to think, just to enjoy details, and little things that could make me smile. But sometimes it is not easy.
At work, I work too much. Crisis time they say, we all must try hard. But it lets me no time. At home, just I find that sometimes I have no time to do anything, and I spent my weekend just cleaning. Friends. Some are near, other so far, but lately they all seem to have travelled far away. Family, they are always there, as usual.
No love, no even someone to smile at.
I am lucky, I know, and I thank everyday for that....but sometimes it seem that it is not enough. I feel I am getting  old so quicky that I am not able to enjoy.
I should not think so much.

The photo is from my grandmum home. Love that old lamps, have beautiful shadows.