Corner view: home

When I arrive home, I have a little, little one person and a bag, or to thin person lift.
Etxera heltzean, aszensore ttippi ttipia, pertsona bat eta poltsa, edo bi pertson argalen tipokoa.
Al llegar a casa tengo un ascensor tipo, una persona y bolsa o dos personas delgadas.

Or I can go up, just using the stairs.
Edo, eskilarak gora egin dezaket.
O puedo subir escaleras arriba.

Sometimes reaching what you want has different ways, some more easy, others more hard, but the important is to reach what you want. Arriving at home.
Batzutan nahi dezuna lortzeko bide asko daude, errezagoak, gogorragoak...baina garrantzitzuena nahi dezuna lortzea da. Etxera heltzea.
Llegar donde uno quiere, tiene diferentes caminos, largos, estrechos, difíciles o más sencillos. Lo importante, sin embargo, es llegar o conseguir lo que uno anhela. Llegar a casa.

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21 comentarios:

  1. I think that it is the smaller lift I have ever seen ...

  2. What a skinny elevator! I would be tempted to see how many people I could fit into it. Cram them in! :)

  3. Madre mía, vaya cajita de cerillas! En qué piso vives? Yo creo que subiría por las escaleras ; )

    Que tengas buen día!


  4. Beautiful, Ibb. I hope you reach what you want, by lift or stairs.

  5. I love your philosophical and visual approach to "home".
    So true about the choices, and the clarity in the way you show it is so fun. Also great to see such an intimate detail in the entrance to your home. Red is a grounding color you know:))...xo

  6. i like your philosophical take on this theme. and i LOVE the little red lift!

  7. this lift is very very tiny, i think i'll rather take stairs
    happy corner day

  8. I really like your perspective. Really cool! xo

  9. Oh, ascensor, ese inalcanzable objeto de deseo...
    Antes viviamos en un sexto sin ascensor y nos mudamos a un quinto, también sin ascensor. Algo hemos prosperado, pero no lo suficiente. Subir las compras a casa es una tortura, aunque a cambio nos mantenemos en forma.
    Viendo esa foto me pregunto... ¿esas escaleras cumplen alguna normativa en cuanto a anchura? Me he quedado ojiplática :)

  10. Nice philosophy :) that's show us how having choice is important!
    I think I'll take the stairs with you, to have a longer talk ;)

  11. A tiny lift!! And some nice words...thanks!

  12. What a cute tiny elevator! And also the stairs! Impossible to get large cupboards or sofas up, I guess? Love your thoughts about the different ways of reaching something! Great post!

  13. The lift is motivation to stay thin. Oh my gosh, what one would do if walking up the stairs was too difficult and couldn't get in the lift. Have a happy week!

  14. oh, ain't that the truth!
    with this i'd like to state i like both the style of your tiny elevator ànd your stairs VERY much, and it would be a pleasure to mount these, anytime i come back HOME.

  15. :-) I love that tiny lift and the narrow stairs too. And oh yes, not the way but the goal.

  16. yes, and it´s always good to enjoy the ride!

  17. Oh my goodness! I would definitely choose the stairs! I have a fear of small and closed places, and that lift seems like a nightmare to me... :D


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