Advent calendar: 18

Days fly and year is finishing. Today I cannot find the words....just some music.
Egunek egan egiten dute eta urtea amaitzear dago. Ez daukat hitzik...musika besterik.
Los días vuelan y el año está a punto de acabar. Hoy no encuentro las palabras...música.

From heart. Bihotzetik. Desde el corazón:

To feel. Sentitzeko. Para sentir.

Les Ogres de Barback "Rue du temps" Acoustique from TVPRODUCTION on Vimeo.

An old friend. Lagun zaharra. Un viejo amigo.

Thinking. Pentsatzen. Pensando.

scannerLIVE #30: Amparo Sánchez from scannerFM on Vimeo.

My wild side.

Berri Txarrak.Oreka from ibon antuñano on Vimeo.

Need music for the next year. Any favourites?
Musika berria behar diat. Norbait?
Necesito nuevos descubrimientos? Alguno?

5 comentarios:

  1. I got your Xmas card today, thanks a lot so sweet of you !!

  2. Thank you, my dear friend, for the thoughtful Christmas card!! I have been lazy with the mail this year; some of the cards are still unfinished right there on my table, some are in the mail and some will probably never make it... sorry about that! :D But I want you to know you are in my thoughts every time I think I've had enough of the darkness and coldness. That's when I think I shouldn't complain, because I know you would hope to visit our country and winter again some day. :)

    I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, and very happy things for the year 2013!

  3. Feliz Natal, querida Ibabe, um beijo grande!

  4. 18, my favorite number!
    Its very late and night and not a creature is stirring,
    so I don`t want to play the music now, but will come back with a Christmas toddy and listen tomorrow!
    Merry Christmas Ibabe!
    Lots of Love,


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