Advent calendar 5. Corner view: Serendipity

Serendipity is not an easy word to translate into both spanish nor basque. I think there is not a word that means more or less the same.
The only reference I have so, about that, is that one that appears on cinema. It is one of those love stories that everyone should "suffer".
But simplifiying I  think finding unexpectable beautiful details everyday is a kind of serendipity cloud around. Could it be?

Serendipity hitzak ez du itzulpenik. Gutxienez hala uste diat. Beraz dudan erreferenzia bakarra zinean aurkitzen dut. Amodio historio polit horietako bat.
Egia esan, uste diat, serendipity hodei baten barnean senti gaitezkeela, non egunero aurkitzen bait ditugu bat batean detaile eder eta politak.
Izan al daiteke?

Creo que no existe una traducción exacta ni en español ni en euskera de la palabra serendipity.
Por tanto la única referencia que tengo es del cine. De una de esas historias de amor  que todos deberíamos "sufrir" por lo menos una vez.
Aun así, me gustaría creer que vivo en una nube de serendipity, donde encontrarse cada día con un detalle de belleza u originalidad, hacen de ese momento algo único y casual.
Puede ser?

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  1. Since there is a film of the word? Have you seen him? Is he well?

    In fact, not easy to translate, I do not know if I have it right. : (

  2. THis is the same thing for me; I hesitated for translation into french. This is really a typically Anglo-Saxon word :)

  3. A happy accident is how I translate it. I think unexpected beuty in the everyday would be good!

  4. i have always found it so fascinating that there are words that do not have a direct translation into other languages!

  5. I mentioned the movie, too! Although, I did not suffer through it, I rather liked it :-) Of course, I like anything that has John Cusack in it....

  6. ♡I would like to see the movie and also didn`t know there was one by such a name. THis is a fun CV to find out the history of the word at Otlis, and this serendipitous meeting with the movie poster at yours! BTW I had a serendipitous meeting with ginko leaves and Tomare.
    Please stop by at my Tomare blog when you have a chance and walk with me in the Yellow ephemerality!! xo love to you,

  7. PSoops it didn`t link , I will try this way--
    (if it doesn`t go thru you can stroll there from my sidebar!)


  8. sounds like that the good thing about the movie is that we only have to suffer once in life! :)

  9. Finding unexpectable beautiful details, lucky coincidences, happy accidents...this is what serendipidy is about. What is the film about? I have to watch it. As John Cusack is included, I will definitely enjoy... ;o)

  10. I just noticed the movie at an other CV blog! I did not know about this film, and seeing it now twice..i have to watch it now!

  11. oh yes, it could!
    like the promised snow to fall from the sky tomorrow, it is.
    manifold beautiful and unexpected.


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