Corner view: 7:45 Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday 7:45. Waiting for a friend to go to have a beer and go to the jazz.
Ostirala 7:45. Lagun bati itxoiten jazzera joan baino lehen pote bat hartzeko.
Viernes 7:45. Esperando a una amiga para ir a tomar un pote y al jazz.

Saturday 7:45. During the day there was an open air painting competition, so there are two my mum an I liked more.
Larunbata 7:45. Egun osoan zehar, pintura konkurtsoa euki gendun, eta hauek dira amari eta niri gustatutako bi.
Sábado 7:45. Durante el día había habido concurso al aire libre de pintura, y he aquí dos de los cuadros que nos gustaron a mi madre y a mí.

Sunday 7:45. Happy birthday party of one of my best friends daughter. Theater, music, food, childrens....
Igandea 7:45. Nire lagunik hoberenetariko baten alabaren 2. urtebetetzea. Teatroa, musika, janaria, umeak...
Domingo 7:45. El cumpleaños de la hija de una de mis mejores amigas. Teatro, música, comida, niños...
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  1. Great w.e. !! Your mum is a really good painter ! Have a beautiful week !

  2. A wonderful week-end... so "rich"... Thanks...

  3. Ze festa politta!!!umeak baño obeto ibiliko nintzen ni han!!mx

  4. What a full weekend! Hope your friend was on time:)!

  5. Great watch! Just went to our godchild's birthday on Monday... it was really fun to see the kids playing birthday games. Sounds like a really fun weekend.

  6. Love your watch.. beautiful paintings.. looks like a fun party. Especially the theater part. :)

  7. hey you! you have no idea how bummed i am that i missed the outdoor painting! looks like there were some amazing artists. my dream is to compete in these... i´d first have to learn to paint though... they should do this with photography! ok i´m rambling... un beso!

  8. Now that is a weekend!!! Ibb you had me laughing I thought the same thing when I posted today. Every shot at food!! I guess this is around the time we eat. LOL... xoxo

  9. Great post! Looks like you had a wonderful and fun weekend!! oxox

  10. those paintings are great !! an open air painting competition sounds fantastic !!

  11. Very cool watch!
    I was going to post a picture of a clock striking 7:45 too, it was interesting to be watching the time for this post, wasn't it?!
    An art fair sounds nice.

  12. what a fun weekend.
    I love the wrist watch - very cool.

  13. wow
    lot of fun in the weekend!!!
    hope you had a great time in jazz!!!
    and yes, now i have to go to kansas to see my cousin, i hope do this next year in december!!

  14. Very nice pictures and along with your words they make me feel as if I were there, with you :)
    Thanks a lot for your comment, it is indeed a treasure to be able to live by the sea, even for a short time every year!

  15. What a great weekend. That birthday party looks very fun!

  16. el reloj del corto maltés! que bueno!
    que suerte que está tan soleado por allí, aquí está muy fresco y a las 7.45 completamente oscuro. tengo muchas ganas de verano ya! :)

  17. Great weekend watch - like your watch!


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