Corner view: Menu del día

This is the menu of the sunday. A bit more expensive that the menu in week, but quite economic. It is in the old part and it is quite good. I will try to translate (unfortunately it will loose some of the cheff style of the names).
Just to start: "Chorizo in sider"
First : (to select between)
Mushrooms with foie
Local white beans with pork
Gorgonzola gnoccis in carbonara cream
Tuna (ventresca is one of the parts of tuna) and pepper (piquillo is a red local pepper) salad
Potatoes and vegetables with brie cheese
Second: (to select between)
Green pil-pil cod (pil-pil is a local sauce made with pepers and vegetables)
Hake in oven with panadera potatoes (potatoes in slices)
Veal (carrillera is the part of the veal near the head) in red wine
Entrecôte with foie sauce
Roasted suckling pig with salad.
Desserts: cheese with walnut and quince jelly, pinapple, cake, mango cup, junket....

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  1. ok, i'm coming ! Don't forget the wine !! !

  2. 15.30?? Do I read it correct? Isn't that an odd fixed price to pay? Their menue is fantastic, I never had more than half of the dishes, but the price is plain weird in my view. Unless, of course, the .30 is the Sunday surcharge:)!

  3. It is 15.30 euros. No coffee included, but with wine (year wine) and bread.
    It is weekend menu, in week is cheaper and it is really well.
    Must come to try!

  4. mmmmm! p.s. where is that coffee from? besos sweet ibb!

  5. Near home, cafetería Los Herran near bus station. You are invited one day, if you want.

  6. I like the name of the cafe--is it the El 7 ?
    sounds lucky:)
    And the words of the foods on the menu are like poetry, words that sound good enough to eat!!
    Can I come too?!
    Happy day to you.

  7. Yes it is El 7 "The 7" just because it is in the number 7 of the street...quite simple.
    And you all are wellcome.

  8. que rico! gracias por tu comentario y tu visita. es un placer mirar tu blog. gracias por compartir. kenza (... por lo del castellano, soy mexicana)

  9. I love the desserts! Had a few minutes to turn on the computer. xo

    PS I tried again to send you an email the first once bounced back. xo

  10. Ibb, the 2nd email bounced back i tried sending to you. The next couple of days will be craz with wedding fest. Send me your email address to joy2282003@yahoo.com
    Thanks my friend. xo

  11. I'll have Green pil-pil cod (pil-pil is a local sauce made with pepers and vegetables) and wine
    happy wednesday

  12. I'll have Green pil pil too !!! Because idon 't havé any idea of what that coule be !! I like this menu !!! Have a Nice week...

  13. Wow I just looked up where you live and what del dia means after posting my CV and reading many others.

    Assuming it just meant "restaurant" or "on the menu" I was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually means "It is the month of Thanksgiving!" Oh dear. hehe.

    Our Thanksgiving was last year and since today is the 25th of November my post had nothing to do with Thanksgiving at all. LMHO oh my.

    Happy Thanksgiving?

    Did I get the translation right?
    And interesting menu!

  14. Sound sooooo good! Great translation! The gorganzola gnoccis sound like my favorite!!

  15. gracias por opinar en mi blog! nunca he comido así de rico (sólo entre semana) en el 7... habrá que probar!

  16. Nice site. Your site title is really cool.

  17. What a lot of thing to choose from ... I would have a difficult time as it all sounds delicious!


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