Corner view: cell phone photo

As you can see, my cell phone has no camera. So I have had to try another thing. Not very well done, but...hope you smile.
Ikusten duzuenez, nire mugikorrak ez du kamerarik. Beraz beste zeozer saiatu behar izan dut. Ez dago oso ondo egina, baina...irribarrea atera izana espero dut.
Como veis mi móvil no tiene cámara de fotos. Así que he tenido que intentar otra cosa. No está muy bien, pero...espero haberos arrancado una sonrisa.

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  1. you make me smile!
    I don't have a cellphone ... i had to think of a sollution too.

    Love, daan

  2. ha, clever gal! ;)
    love the illustration of the photo being taken, great how our minds work when imagining graphic stuff.

  3. Very nice. I wish I knew how to edit photos!

  4. So funny! I'd like to be sitting there at that table with the paper and those yummy-looking drinks, cell phone or no cell phone.

  5. Movil sin cámara!Ya me es tan difícil pensar que no existen moviles que no sean tan atómicos...

    respecto a lo de los 100 post, aquí tienes una lectora fiel :)

  6. I like your take on this weeks corner view - I too have no mobile phone photos - mostly because no one ever calls on it.......just text/SMS and then you tend not to pick them up till later!

  7. A great photo. You always make me smile. xo

  8. Great !!! And you made your cell phone a star ;) and make us smile !!! Smart idea !

  9. That's very creative ... and it made me smile :-)

  10. you did make me smile. cell phone pictures? ugh. i hardly ever use my little camera. your cellphone has a big personality, though.

  11. Hello.
    This is Joanne,
    how are you?
    Thanks for ringing us up on your cell phone post.
    Happy day to you!
    (smiling out loud:)

  12. Love, love, love it! Thanks for the fun cartoon!
    ♥ Jeannette


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