A little viking to protect me with his magical umbrella. From Sandra Monat.
Bikingo txiki bat bere aterki majikoarekin babes nazan. Sandra Monaten dendatik.
Un pequeño vikingo que me proteja con su paraguas mágico. De la tienda de Sandra Monat.

A letter from South Africa. From Heather Moore.
Eskutitza Hego Afrikatik. Heather Mooren partez.
Una carta desde Sudáfrica. De Heather Moore.

Perfect for the kitchen.
Sukaldean perfekto ikusten da.
Perfecta para la cocina.

11 comentarios:

  1. You got yourself some beautiful presents!

  2. ze politta bikingoa!!!!etsy erosi dezu???soy super adicta a etsy!!!gaur bertan soineko bat erosi dut!!!

  3. The tea towel is pretty! You got a lovely gift! Lucky you!

  4. Sandra's viking is really fun !!!
    I was thinking to order the plates for the kids ... and I saw yesterday that soon some stamps will be available so let's wait !!

  5. I LOVE Heather Moore towels! I have yet to get one, but will one of these days.

    Ibb, you are too funny. Your comment on the frog post had me laughing so hard.

    Have a golden weekend my friend. xoxo

  6. Me encanta el pan-ito para la cocina (No me sale la 'n-' en este teclado, disculpa). Muy buenas fotos.

    Saludos desde Londres.

  7. I ,like Isabelle, am in love with the plates of Herzensart. I just might give myself a present and buy 2 for breakfast. Those vikings are just so adorable.
    Have a great weekend, Jeannette

  8. Beautiful presents! I especially like the viking....for obvious reasons ;-)

  9. oh it looks great. now i´m going to check out the links. was looking for you this weekend! besos!


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