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I was tagged by Lotta with honest scrap award. Here are the rules:

I should share 10 true things about myself, pass the award on to 10 other bloggers, let them know about it, let them know about it and link back to me when accepted.

1.- I hate to have my picture taken. I love to be on the other side. I have an old reflex cannon I bought with my first earned money. I have know a little digital camera...mostly because of the blog. I "must" by a digital reflex. I like to play with photos.
2.-I must admit that I am a romantic. I try to be more rational, but in the end, I am a romantic. While I am writting I have the TV on and seing with the other eye a Jane Austen film.
3.-I have two little things I love, the mini cars and vespa bikes.
4.-I like to ride, I have a bike and little space. I will love to have one old fashion one with basket and in black colour.
5.- Black colour. I usually dress in black. Love that colour. have little things in other colours to contrast.
6.-I love to eat and to drink good wine. Love going out with friends to dinne or with family to discover new restaurants. It is a great pleasure.
7.-With the years I have learned to appreciate little things. To smile with a bird in the tree, to look at the clouds...It is one of the best learned lessons.
8.-I am a bussy mind. I always have lots of projects and things to do in mind. I can speak spanish, basque, english and a bit of german and italian. I know a bit of crochet, I did ceramics when I was a child, I work leather and can hardly draw. I have too many things to learn...
9.-I hate to run, but this year I and two friends have decided to run "San Silvestre" race. A typical race in the 31th of december. About 10 km. It is a bit of overcoming something I though I could not made.
10.-I love to read. I love russian novels of the 19th century, like the ones of Turgeniev and german literature of the same age. But can read nearly everything. It depends on the way I feel.
And my honest scrap award goes to:
Run with it if you like, but no preassure if you don´t.

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  1. Thank you Ibb, both for this funny "honest scrap award" and for your reply. Fare well, there is a new week in front of us, we shall make the most of it :)

  2. A very rich portrait, in french, I could say "sans concession et beaucoup d'humour"...

  3. Thanks for the award! It is nice to learn a little big more about bloggers, I'll think about it. I've dressed in black for many, many years, and probably it's still my favorite color, but now I find that I'm drawn to bright colors more. What do you make with leather?

  4. Francesca, take a look in the label "craft", there are some of the things I´ve done.

  5. Thanks for the honest scrap award! It was lots of fun!:)

  6. I can't believe you were in Finland! How exciting! Next time come by Norway and we will meet :) Thanks for the award. I will write my list next week once I get my feet back on the ground.Have a great week!

  7. I love your list and the photo!! Thank you my friend for award!! I too love black and wear it often and white in the summer. Black is like my blank canvas that I can add a splash of color. Thanks again my friend. xoxo

  8. Or take a look in flickr, there are some there.

  9. i love to read too!!
    and the shot is so cute!!

  10. hey ibb- nice to meet you! i love this! besos-jane

  11. So many fine qualities you have!
    I am learning too to appreciate the small things.
    Thanks for visiting, and for your clear and confident wisdom (to love oneself first, yes it must be true!)

  12. So nice to read this about you. I am a big reader too and I envy you your skills in language. Thank you so much for including me.

  13. you are a bit like me...and thanks I see what I can do

  14. good to know a little bit more about you ... I have been tagged too so now I need to work it out !!

  15. hola,

    mil gracias por el/la (?) tag pero me temo que soy lo peor para estas cosas y llevo muy mal las cadenas (tiendo a ignorarlas, vamos).

    de todas maneras, como me habéis "taggeado" por partida doble, intentaré hacer un post algo más personal para compensar (y porque realmente aprecio mucho que se haya pensado en mí, de verdad).

    to be continued...

    la ninja antisocial :)


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