Zinemaldia. Rain and Waves

Waves in Zarautz. Strong sea. People looking. People running. The end of summer beach.
Olatuak Zarautzen. Itxaso zakarra. Jendea begira. Jendea korrika. Udako ondartzaren amaiera
Olas en Zarautz. Mar picada. Gente mirando. Gente corriendo. El final de la playa de verano.
Waiting for entering one of the sesions of the San Sebastian Film Festival. Not very glamorous day. Brad Pitt has just gone.
Donostiko Zine Jaialdiko sezioetako batera sartzeko kolan. Ez zen egun oso glamurosoa. Brad Pitt jada joana zen.
Esperando en la cola para entrar a ver una película del Festival de Cine de San Sebastian. El día no estaba especialmente glamuroso. Brad Pitt acababa de marcharse.

7 comentarios:

  1. I love rough seas!
    And poor you...Brad should have waited till you were there! ;)
    ♥ Jeannette

  2. The sea can be quite dramatically changeable. It's a force of nature totally out of our control, but always amazing to watch (at a distance, some of the times...)

  3. lucky you! wish i was there! besos!

  4. that looks beautiful
    let me know if you can get the birds( ikea) tray

  5. I have looked and it is in the shop. So I must do another trip for the tray. Soon!!! It is so lovely.

  6. Ooh, I like this pair of photos, the drama of the sea and imagining the sea of people.
    The last days of my travels this summer too it was a storm and it was neat to be among the people lined up by the dunes watching the waves from a distance. Those moments when we can feel the power of nature, and yet lucky to be able to keep a respectful distance from it:)

  7. This looks like pretty rough weather... I hope you had fun even without Brad there ;-)


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