Year change photos


Gorbeia Natural Park

Near Marieta


Thanks so much for your words. For being there.

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  1. Querida Ibabe, por fin encuentro energia para ponerme a leer los blogs que tanto me gustan y que he tenido abandonados muchas semanas. Me encanta tu fotografia, tan llena de vida. Mucho animo con tu abuela y mis mejores deseos para este anio. Un beso.
    P.S. Me llego tu tarjeta de navidad, gracias :):):)

  2. Happy 2013 Ibabe!
    I got another lovely letter in the mail yesterday, thank you for your wishes! I still haven't had a chance to pick up pen and paper, December has been a crazy month, but I hope to be able to write very soon.
    Warmest wishes, and thank you for being here!

  3. Beautiful idea :) and photos.

  4. The first photo is incredible, so beautiful...

  5. Beautiful collection! The first one seems to be a symbol of perspective, it's leading somewhere (to the sea in this case, which at least for me is a place to calm down and recollect oneself). The other pictures are warm and full of love for life and nature. You chose them for reason. This makes me smile. :)
    Happy New Year, dear Ibabe!

    1. that is...some days around looking for new-old views to start again the year with new strenght.
      Happy to make you smile!


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