I have been playing with photos a bit. It was grey and I have the day off. Have you ever tried picnik?
Love that 1960 effect. The words are from "E.M. Cioran", and more or less mean: Life having no sence is just a reason to live, the only one in fact.
Argazkiekin jolasten egon naiz. Eguna grisa zegoen eta libre neukan. Probatu al dezute picnik? 1960 efektua gustoko dut, amaren argazkiak datozkit gogora.
He estado jugando con las fotos. Estaba gris y tenía libre. Habeís probado picnik? Me encanta el efecto de 1960, me recuerda a las fotos de mis padres. La frase es de E.M. Cioran.

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  1. You did a great job. Very colorful for a grey day my friend. I hope you had a nice day off.xo

  2. I can't grasp even just the basics of photo editing, though I'd love to learn!

  3. I love how you combine the words and the image,
    and great choice of words! Playing like that looks like fun, and I think you have a natural flair for it:))enjoy!
    PS I will look at the site too, maybe join in the fun if its simple:)

  4. A nice "anti grey" idea. Thanks!

    By the way, I like Cioran very much ;)

  5. Great idea! What a nice way to spend a day being creative. Have a lovely day!


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