Corner view: pondering

There are moments in which one took a beer, some pens and start to write. When I have to think in something important, I write. It clears my mind.
Batzutan, garagardo bat hartu, boliak inguruan utzi eta idazten hasten gera. Pentsatu behar dudanean, idazten dut. Burua argitzen dit.
Hay veces en las que para pensar en algo importante, me abro una cerveza, cojo un boli, de esos que escriben bien y me pongo a escribir. Me aclara la mente.

Although lately I have being learning about not thinking too much. Just living, and not asking life about whys or whos or whats.
Nahiz eta azkenaldian gutxiago pentsatzen ikasten hasi naizen. Soilik bizitzen, bizitzari nori, zergatik edo zeri buruz galdetu gabe.
Aunque últimamente vengo aprendiendo a no pensar demasiado. Simplemente a vivir, sin preguntar porqués, dondes o quienes.

Just to keep good colours and good images in mind.
Soilik irudi politak eta kolore izugarriak buruan edukitzen.
Simplemente a tener colores preciosos e imagenes increibles en la mente.

Just to survive.

More thinking moments, in little corners over the world.

14 comentarios:

  1. Mmm, good words!

    Hope all has been well in your part of the world!

  2. Wish I could be better at not asking too many questiones; just try to accept and be in things I can not change... many sorrows could just have passed me by then... But - writing is always good. Always. Love your new header - and you have really nice feet :))) Take care!

  3. I think it's important to ask questions, but sometimes we have to accept that we don't have the answer, and go on from there.

  4. You and Francesca are my kind of gals you both love beer!! xo

  5. relativity is always a good medicine too. "do you really have serious problems?" that's what I ask myself when starting to mop about... :)

  6. yo también creo que hacen bien esas pausas para aclarar (y descansar) la mente, y más si las acompañas con una buena cerveza! ja!

  7. yes writing is the best therapy, not thinking too much is harder on these grey days, but it's a good challenge!

  8. I think it's hard, not thinking all the time. Sometimes my head feels like a tumbler. No good coming out of that I guess. But I have a hard time finding the middle way. A beer looks great!

  9. jo!a mi se me ha olvidado el detalle de la cerveza, quizás por eso es que no me aclaro...

  10. The color of sky is gorgeous! Actually, I saw the same color sky today..
    It was beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  11. I love your pondering post, the way it starts from the pen and the bottle (though I don't drink, I like the poetic feeling of it!!),
    and moves into your feet touching the grass, and the views bathed in light. And your words, beautiful honest expressions, which make me sense that you are more deeply centered than you even realize!! xo happy weekend, happy pondering,


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