Nothing to say

This is one of those days in which I can not do anything. I feel empty and have nothing to say. It is one of those days, in which I haven´t been with noone, and haven´t spoken to anyone. Maybe it is why I don´t have anything to say. Don´t have anything to say, maybe because I don´t feel the words to describe the emptyness, the darkness and the silence of the house.
Gaur egun arraroa izan da, ezer esateko ez dauden horietakoa. Hutsik sentitzen naiz eta ez diat ezer esaterko. Inorekin ez naiz egon, ez diat inorekin hitzegin. Eta agian horregatik ez diat ezer esateko. Edo hitzik ez dudalako topatzen sentitzen dudan hutsunea eta bakardadea deskribatzeko. Etxearen ixiltasuna adierazteko.
Hoy es uno de esos días en los que no he sido capaz de hacer nada. Me siento vacía y no tengo nada que decir. Es uno de esos días en los que no estás con nadie, en los que no hablas con nadie. Igual es por esos por lo que no tengo nada que decir. Tal vez porque no encuentre palabras para describir el vacío, el silencio que reina en la casa yla soledad que me rodea.

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  1. Carissima, I can feel your lonieliness and sadness as I read your words. But you chose interesting photos: the sky is vast, and the clouds come and go, and after night is day again. And you have a lot to say: this is a beautiful post, even in your despair. Perhaps when no one is there to talk to, you could write. I wish I could help you blow those clouds away!

  2. Thanks so much. There are strange days when you cannot find streght...thanks so much for being there, it is so important.

  3. i have days like this too and the only thing you can do is try to enjoy those days and try to get the best of it (at least for me, that's the better way to deal with daus like this) then you feel that you didn't spend a day of your life!!

    thanks for open your heart with us, i hope you feel better soon!!

    happy week!!

  4. Oh, I hope today finds you full of lovely thoughts and words!

    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  5. I feel like this. Being alone usually makes it bigger. Then, it comes to a sudden end and I am bursting alive.

  6. I hope today you are full of life like the clouds in your photo. Sadness and emptiness are tough, but baby steps my sweet friend. I agree with Francesca you said a lot when you thought you didn't have a lot to say. Is this one of your photos? Even your photo you took or choose says a lot. Don't cut yourself short. Warm hugs... xoxo

  7. Don't worry, we all have those kind of days. The good thing is that they go over as the sun rises next day :)Hugs

  8. Todos tenemos esos dias... pero significa que nuestro cerebro esta tramando algo y ya nos llegaran las ideas... No te preocupes!


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