Celedón. Fiesta

Vitoria is in feast. 4-9th of August are the Feast of the city. At 6 o´clock the doll of Celedón, a farmer of a village next to the city, goes down from the tower of San Miguel Church and goes into life becoming the spirit of the feast. That man, crosses of the Virgen Blanca square to the balcony of San Miguel. The feast begins. It is difficult to explain, so see it.

Jaietan gaude. Ia ia.
Vitoria se viste de fiesta. Del 4 al 9 de Agosto son las fiestas patronales. A las 6 de la tarde la figura de Celedón desciende desde la torre de San Miguel y cobra vida. Atraviesa la atestada plaza y da comienzo la fiesta. Es mejor verlo.

Photos are from "El correo digital" 2008.

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  1. although i don't particularly like crowds, this seems great fun! I wish I could see the farmer of the village going into life- it seems a beautiful myth. I will remember it. Have a nice time!

  2. Will try to put a video link tomorrow to see it in person.
    I will be at home seing it in TV. I cannot with crowds.

  3. WOW a lot of people attend this event!! Is the farmer on a wire that pulls him/her across? I bet it is a lot of fun. Thanks Ibb!! xoxo

  4. It's beautiful that it would be the spirit of a farmer (and not of a saint, for instance) to start the celebration in a city! I've never heard of a flying farmer ritual before!

  5. Me lo apunto para ir a las fiestas next year! Toma Spanglish! :)

  6. This looks like fun. Is that a real man in the sky with the umbrella?

  7. Wow, this looks like lots of fun! Espero que algun dia podría ver una fiesta como esa.. En Finlandia no tenomos nunca fiestas como esa!(Sorry if my Spanish is poor.. I haven't been able to use it for a while so I guess I have forgotten a lot!) And how can there be a man with a umbrella in the sky? Is it real?

  8. Oops, I totally forgot.. your travel plans sound great! Have lots of fun in Finland and please, take lots of photos! I am sure especially the archipelago is great to visit! I wish the weather will be great during your holiday too. I guess you would prefer a bike trip in sun shine more than in rain..

  9. Celedon ya tiene casa nueva!!!...
    Celedon, con ventana y balcon!!...
    ondo pasa festetan!!!

  10. fiesta, fiesta!!

    that's amazing!! love the guy with the umbrella and the baloons are beautiful!!

    lots of fun!!!


  11. esa fiesta si que luce divertida!!!

  12. Great shots!! Oh, a lot of people!!! It reminds me of the New year's countdown in Times Square in NY.... woow..

    Happy weekend! oxox


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