La Blanca. Fiesta

The Day of La Blanca Virgin. (The White Virgin). The Great Day. Flowers for her.
Andra Mari Zuriaren Jaietako egun haundia. Loreak berarentzat.
El día grande de las fiestas, el día de la Virgen Blanca.

A pair of oxes. With people on the typical clothes.
Idi pare bat, kuadrila bateko "maskota" bereziak.
Un par de bueyes atabiados de gala para salir con una de las cuadrillas de blusas.

Details of the way oxes are kept together. They are tied together with a wood good, then protected with a piece of wool.
Idiak nola lotzen diren ikusteko detailea.
Detalle de cómo se mantienen juntos los bueyes. Atados a un yugo de madera y protegidos por un trozo de lana.

Giants for the children.
Jiganteak umeendako
Gigantes para los niños.

And asking the questions of the comments. The one who goes down is a doll and when arrives at the floor it "becomes" human. It is quite a recent way of starting the fiesta, just 50 years old.
See more photos here.
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  1. Oh, this is fascinating! Love learning about other cultures.

    Happy Day!

  2. Bonitas fotos!
    Me alegra mucho que te vayas bien lejos porqué seguro que te sentará de maravilla y vendrás renovada, ya verás!!! mucho ánimo y nos vemos a la vuelta! ya nos contarás qué tal ha ido ^^
    1 abrazo

  3. I love wooden statues (I must be a kid too:)), and I love it when they are taken around in processions, I find it's a special moment when iconography, spirit and partying all become one!

  4. wow
    this virgen is so beautiful. here in brazil we called santa branca.

    30°C is the normal temperature here all year! the summer will be very hot this year. i wish i could line in a place where snows!!

    happy friday!!


  5. I love all the festivals your town has. I would just want to party.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a golden weekend my friend! xoxo

  6. beautiful! i wish our city had festivals like this!

    i saw your reply to today's question on spain daily (sewing). i just have to say. i couldn't narrow it down, but sewing is the one i am working most on these days. and really, all it took to get going was to sit down and try.

    have a lovely weekend!

  7. The picture of the bulls all covered in wool makes me smile :-)

  8. There are some vague similarities between our countries. Colourful fests we call 'panigiria' for the people of the village and the villages of the surrounding area for buying and selling, for eating and drinking, for meeting and celebrating, for dancing and fighting (in games), listening to traditional music, racing... for whole days. Now they have lost their character in many cases.. But sometimes they are like listening to old stories that come alive, like the your doll-farmer.

  9. That's a beautiful ans interesting report ! Thanks !

  10. How much fun and tradition. I am looking forward to showing Matias the "gigantes" some time when we visit spain :)

  11. beautiful photos, found you through Jane... I'll stay a little and read.. yasoo!


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