Rain and masks

Rivers. Errekak. Ríos

Tears everywhere. Tantak. Gotas.

 Rain. Euria. Lluvia.

Masks. Dress from Vietnam.

6 comentarios:

  1. that's the secret: wearing spring, just like the Vietnamese dress! throw at the back of your wardrobe all the black and muted winter clothes, and start wearing floral and bright patterns!

  2. Preciosas fotos como siempre. Has recogido a la perfección el tiempo de estos días.

  3. :) first of all - if i don`t look like a grandma, i feel like a grandma... my back is aching right now. but you are right. of course nobody is a grandma with grey hair. i also have some. but i colour it!

    i love the dress. looks fine :)

    have a nice day

  4. Something surreal in your post!!! and beautiful :)

  5. OOhm mysterious and beautiful!

  6. Hasta las narices de tanta lluvia!!!!! imagino que como tu!!!!! quiero SOL!


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