Wandering dreams

I have an empty bag hanging on my door.
Poltsa huts bat diat atean zintzilik.
Tengo una bolsa colgada en la puerta.

Waiting to be fulled. Fulled of those essences that make day by day life so sweet.
Egunerokotasuna xamurra egiten duten gauzez bete dadin itxoiten.
Esperando a que se llene de esas esencias que hace la rutina algo dulce.

Waiting for the wave to come and bring a letter of love from the other side of the world.
Olatuei itxoiten, amodiozko eskutitza munduko beste aldetik noiz ekarriko itxoiten.
Esperando a que las olas traigan una carta de amor desde el otro lado del mundo. 

Maybe not to feel so lonely. Maybe to find that light in the darkness of the night.
Agian hain bakarrik ez sentitzeko. Agian iluntasunean argi bat topatzeko.
Tal vez para no sentirme tan sola. Tal vez para encontrar una pequeña luz en la noche.

Have a nice weekend.

11 comentarios:

  1. just start filling it up yourself with the little things that make you happy. that's real love. the rest will come... promise.

  2. qué poco tiempo me queda para disfrutar de esas mismas olas. Un abrazo.

  3. Ibb, que bonito. Igual ahora estas sola pero eso no es para siempre. Nada permancece igual, como las olas. Besos

  4. Por cierto, eso es Zarautz ¿verdad? uno de mis ex-pueblos amados.

  5. i feel so guilt lived in a beach city and never go to the beach.
    i love the last shot... the color is beautiful!!
    and thanks for your last comment

    happy weekend

  6. Ninja is always right. But I will also contribute.

  7. I love these photos! These beach photos remind me of my home town.
    My parents live one block away from the beach. When I visit them, I always go to the beach...

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Ninja is so right...think that is what we all do every day...sometimes it is hard to find happy things... but in the end every day brings them...
    Lovely beach it is...Envy you can swim there...Enjoy weekend !!!!

  9. Yes, I think Ninja said it beautifully - it's true, and it will happen...

    Filling your basket with a virtual hug :^)

  10. Got to agree with Ninja and everyone else.
    Beautiful pictures!

  11. I'm glad I found my way here, I like your pictures. I have to ask; what is the second language in your posts? I know at least a little bit of many languages, but that's one I really have no idea of! :)


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