Mum I am half blonde

The latest book I read was Haruki Murakami´s Sputnik Sweetheart. Miu was a woman that one night has a strange experience and after that her hair become white.
Irakurri dudan azken liburua, Haruki Murakamiren Sputnik Maitea da. Miuk gau arraro baten ondorioz hilea zuritu zaiola somatzen du.
El último libro que he leido es Sputnik mi amor, de Haruki Murakami. Miu es una mujer a la que después de una noche en la sufre una extraña experiencia, el pelo se le vuelve blanco.

Or maybe could it be Rogue. The woman who has two colour hair?
Edo agian komikiak laga beharko nituzke?
O tal vez debería dejar los comics? Pícara?

Don´t let your hairdresser play with your hair....or she was not playing and it was a signal of deep change?

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  1. Qué loca jajajajaja
    Yo no tendría valor para hacerme un cambio tan radical!
    Ese libro se lo regalé a mi madre para reyes, qué coincidencia :)
    Muchos besos ibabe

  2. wÖw ! I like your hair... and I think I prefer Miu, because, nobody can give a kiss to Rogue ;)

  3. I've learned one thing, and it took me years: no matter how much the hairdresser plays with your hair, it grows back. I hope you like your new look!

  4. the latter, i'd love to believe it was the latter


  5. Changes are good :) enjoy your new look and feel refreshed!

  6. I love the hair!!

    will you come to Amsterdam??

  7. At least you're able to joke about yourself and that's always important;) I'm sure you look like a woman with super powers!

  8. Not sure about Amsterdam...thinking about it...must decide soon

  9. hihihi... you`re funny =) i like that. i think your hair is really interesting and something different. so wait what people, who know you, say.


    p.s. i think you are a girl with super power now!

  10. You look great!!!
    And funny- am reading Haruki Murakami now-Kafka at seaside...

  11. Wow ... very eye catching hair style :)
    I just read one of his first novels - A wild sheep chase. I'm going to read more of him.


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