Zumaia and Guethary. Spring beaches


Zumaia. Flysch.

Guethary. France

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  1. Holidays ... I just think about holidays ...

  2. Hola Ibb! has cambiado la cabecera, preciosa! oye, el viernes estuve por Guetarie sacando fotos... igual nos cruzamos... beso

  3. Ah, how wonderful beaches...Waiting for summer
    Thanks, Turku was good and had great time there...even if it was snowing...Enjoy the first week of spring!!!!

  4. So different from the beaches here! Hope you had a nice long weekend ibb!

  5. oh, lovely beaches! I actually still have one exam left, but the others went quite well I think, thanks for asking:) I haven't yet got the results, and won't in fact know for sure until May, but till then, I'll keep my fingers crossed. :-) Have a great week!

  6. Amazing pictures!! I can't wait to go to the beach when it gets warmer!!!


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