Corner view: miniature worlds

Live is like a chess set. Where different people play different parts.
Bizitza xake partida bat modukoa da. Non bakoitzak papere ezberdin bat jokatzen duen.
La vida es como una mesa de ajedrez. Donde la gente juega diferentes papeles.

Each game is miniature world. With houses-towers, with animals-horses, with friends-alfils and simple workers.
Joku bakoitza miniaturazko mundu bat da. Etxe-torreekin, animali-zaldiekin, lagun-alfilekin eta langile soilekin.
Cada partida es un mundo en miniatura. Con sus casas-torre, sus animales-caballo, los amigos-alfiles y los simples trabajadores.

Looking for more miniature worlds ? Just visit them here.

19 comentarios:

  1. Oh my goodness you've already got your post up! Beautiful post about chess, you're right about it. I'm a little sorry about that poor queen ...

  2. Great post - miniature worlds - the whole world is getting smaller and smaller.......

  3. you are so right!!!
    that was a great post with wise words!!

  4. Ibb- I love your chess shots. Very cool. xo

  5. Great analogy! Although the rules of real life seem a bit more complex sometimes. Do you play chess?

  6. So true! Kings and queen the last to fall, simple workers the firs to go...Great idea!

  7. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  8. Something important on a chess set... There are rules... But, it's a great allegory for life ! So true...

  9. poética, que eres una poética.
    well, I resent being a "langile soilekin" so, I'm going to get off this bouncy ball and go concoct the most amazing idea ever to conquer everything and rule the world... see you later, when I'm done ;)

  10. ... oh, oh.. i don't want to play !!!

  11. oh I can play chess…
    Lovely CV
    So unexpected ;-)

  12. I love your classic and elegant b/w view and wisdom from the chess set!
    you've got us in check-mate!!
    (i think that's the right terminoligy, I'm not much of a chess player either:))xo

  13. Interesting take on the miniature theme! I like the black nail polish too... :^)


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