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Finn and Bea, each one in her way has asked me to reveale 7 things about myself. So although I have already written about it, I will try to say something more:
1.- I love the smell of wet land
2.- I adore to lie on the grass in a clear night of summer to look at stars
3.- I have learned to enjoy little things and don´t think too much. I must thank a good friend for that life lesson.
4.- I can be hours looking at clouds, trying to imagine forms and stories.
5.- Trains always have fascinated me. Love to take a moment in a railway station to look around and imagine the stories of the people that are around.
6.- Enjoy travelling, and with years I enjoy more, travelling slowly, taking a time to discover the people, the place and little details.
7.- 7 is a number I love. I don´t know why.

I should ask people to share with us little life pieces. But I will leave people to join if they want.

Have a great week my friends. And the little man in my hand, is my last ceramic creation.

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  1. It's a happy ceramic man! It's so rare to find adults who still look at clouds, trains, the sky, and smell the earth. I totally hear you on slow traveling. Happy Monday!

  2. I enjoy your list. I too love to look at the clouds. Not a good thing when I drive though, many times the foot had to hit the brakes. LOL... The little ceramic guy is cute! Have a golden week. xo

  3. I like your list... my favorit is the number 5 !! I do the same ; ) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your last creation and I also love the smell of wet land;)

  5. Lovely portrait... I adore the same smell... and know you have no the same "moustache" you present on your photo ;) Enjoy the little things is a way of life !!!

  6. For some reason 7 and 3 have always been my numbers... I can't explain why either. Love the pottery face... especially the smiling, squinty eyes.

  7. Qué quieres decir con haber sido más racional?
    A veces creo que pensar demasiado en lo práctico nos aleja de una felicidad completa, quiero decir, si quieres ser artista, no importa que no te dé dinero seguro, que no sea un trabajo corriente, que cueste vivir de ello. Al final es lo que te realiza profesionalmente.
    Yo quiero dedicarme al diseño porque disfruto con él, a pesar de que odio todo ese mundo. Y sí,me gustaría diseñar alta costura, y sí, también le tengo mucha rabia a hgran parte de la gente que la compra, pero eso no me va a impedir que algo que me gusta deje de hacerlo.
    A mí me parece que tus obras de cerámica o las de cuero son muy personales y que debes disfrutar haciéndolas.
    Y no sé si hablabas de eso pero ya he sacado un rollo filosófico que a mí me deja bien a gusto jajajaja
    Muchos besos (me pasa lo mismo con los trenes)

  8. thank you. it is calm here.



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