San Agueda

Foto from Coro Parroquial

Tomorrow is Santa Agueda. The night before in the Basque Country there is the tradition of going from house to house, singing and asking for what the neighbourgs would want to give.
I try to put a video of the song, sing in circle, helped with wooden sticks and the little sound of the txistu. Take a look here and here.

The lyrics of the song are:

1.-Zorion, etxe hontako denoi! Happinness to all of this house
Oles egitera gatoz, We come calling
aterik ate ohitura zaharra From door to door, to renovate
aurten berritzeko asmoz. And ancient custom

Ez gaude oso aberats diruz, We don´t have lot of money
ezta ere oinetakoz. Neither shoes
Baina eztarriz sano gabiltza, But we are sane from throat
ta kanta nahi degu gogoz. and we come to sing

2. Santa Ageda bezpera degu It is the day before Santa Agueda
Euskal Herriko eguna, The day of the Basque Country
etxe guztiak kantuz singing all the houses
pozteko aukeratu deguna. to bring happiness.

Santa maitea gaur hartu degu We take today dear santa
gure bideko laguna. as a walking friend.
Haren laguntzaz bete gentzake to fill with her help
egun hontako jarduna. the day with hope.

Translations is mine...so....not so good. Have a great day.

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  1. Te contesto en mi blog... para que se mantenga la sorpresa...

  2. THank you for peeling off a corner of the matchbox and showing us a treasured glimpse of this beautiful custom. I love the sound of the stick on the ground and the voices of the chorus...will you sing too? Did you go on this walk when you were a child? Can everyone join in?
    It makes me curious, enjoy the excitement and anticipation...:))

  3. I was reading a mention of celebrations for Santa Agata in Sicily, which apparently are a big thing. I never heard of it all, can you believe it? WAIT, is this the show:)??

  4. It's great that these rich traditions are being preserved! Enjoy.

  5. El tema de Santa Ageda me gusta mucho! es una fiesta muy bonita.

  6. Qué tradición tan bonita.
    Ojalá te hubiese salido la idea de los m&m's, te hubiese quedado muy original jajaja

  7. Ibb, what a great song, i also enjoyed your translation.
    Perhaps you would care to pay a visit to my blog? ;) ..thanks! I look forward to your next posts!

  8. thanks for the answers to my q's,
    hope you have a great weekend.

  9. goodmorning! i saw the videos, i was touched, thank you, there is so much beauty still around but dispersed in tiny pieces of truth

  10. i didn´t see anyone singing. next year...


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