Corner view: pretty eyesore

Literature has his ghosts. Those pretty eyesore persons that capture all beauty and perverse sides. One of those is Dorian. I think it is one of my first books read in english. After that, Wilde is one of my favourite writters. Love the way that manages the reallity.
Literaturak baditu bere pertsonai madarikatuak. Edertasun eta maldade biltzen duten horiek. Hauen artean Dorian dago. Ingeleses irakurri nuen lehen liburuetakoa izan zen. Eta horren ostean, Wilde liburutegiko apaletan leku berezia du.
La literatura siempre esconde esos personajes malditos que capturan la belleza y la maldad a partes iguales. Dorian es uno de esos. Creo que fue uno de los primeros libros que leí en inglés. Después de él, sus obras de teatro tienen un lugar preferente en mis estanterías.

In filme, Anthony Hopkins as the Elephant man.
Zinean, gizon elefantea.
En el cine, Anthony Hopkins como el hombre elefante.

 And then our worst dreammare. Being happy and beautiful, becoming in a horrible animal. That lines of fear that Kafka was able to make ours. Becoming an eyesone one.
Eta gure amets gaiztoetariko bat. Zoriontsu eta eder izanda, animali nazkagarri batean bihurtzea. Nola lortu zuen Kafkak beldur hori lerroetatik barnera sartzea.
Y una de nuestras mayores pesadillas. Siendo felices y guapos, convertirnos en algo horrible. Eso que tan bien consiguió transmitirnos Kafka a través de sus líneas oscuras y angustiosas.
But must we really worry about being eyesone, if the real beauty is inside?

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  1. Great picks!
    My boy just finished the Metamorphosis by Kafka, and loved it. In fact, he wants to read all his other books. I couldn't get passed the first few pages at his age!
    The elephant man is a beautiful movie, I saw it as a teenager, and it's still haunting me in a harrowing way. I don't think I'd watch it again. As far as Oscar Wilde, I liked better his tales for children!
    PS I guess I don't really like "pretty eyesores" when it comes to movies or literature :)

  2. That's it!! I like the three stories and Wilde is the first author I read in english ;))

  3. Good choices! I saw a mini-series on Oscar Wilde some years ago and was completely won over by his story. Now I'm a fan!

  4. An awesome take on the theme. Wouldn't have thought about these .

  5. Oscar Wilde is one of my favorites. (I named my house "Bunbury" Cottage from The Importance of Being Earnest.)

  6. I used to have my freshmen students read Elephant Man and most liked it. I've never read Dorian Gray--should I add it to my summer list?
    Great question at the end---isn't that one of the themes in the Elephant Man---inner beauty in the midst of grotesqueness?

  7. Dorian Gray really fascinated me :)

  8. Gostei muito de de ter passado por aqui.. Vou ficar.
    Bom fim de semana.

  9. I never read Dorian Grey but recently I put on my list .... but the French version ... ;)

  10. Waiting for your collection... Have a nice day :)

  11. I remember seeing the Elephant Man with David Bowie on B`way in NY a long time ago. (with my sister)
    He is too beautiful to be an eyesore, but at the same time he is a great actor so he expressed that idea of beauty within….xoxoJ


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