Wood spoons

I love cooking with wooden spoons and goods. So as I have been a good girl, I decided to buy some from 
La Valise Volante. They are made in Teka wood. Never has tried this kind. I have ones from boxwood. As I am cooking more, I need more goods and need to discover, both different cusines and different woods.

Maite dizkiat egurrezko sukalderako gauzak. Neska ona izan naizenez, batzuk erostea erabaki nituen. La Valise Volante dendatik. Teka egurrez eginak daude eta Tailandiatik etorri dira. Ez dut inoiz tekarik probatu, beti boj-ezkoak erabili bait ditut. Azkenaldian gero eta gehiago sukaldean nagoenez, bai beste puntako sukaldeak probatzeko aukera eta beste egurrak probatzeko ordua dela iruditu zait.

Me encanta tener cacharros de madera para cocinar. Antes siempre había usado el boj, pero me enamoré de estas cucharas de La Valise Volante de teka. Así que a la par que día a día descubrimos diferentes cocinas, también he decidido ir probando diferentes maderas.

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  1. pretty spoons. I really like using the pincet thing (don't know what they are called) when I cook.

  2. Oh such pretty spoons! As you know I'm a big fan of good craftmanship and will definitely make any dish more fun to make:-) Hope you're enjoying the week and have a great weekend dear Ibabe!

  3. Cooking with woods seems to go well with you, I sense your beautiful connection to the material.
    The foods you create with them are full of love!
    BTW, I think I recognise the napkins… are they by Natsumi?
    Happy woodsy fragrant days!

  4. I am sure that they will inspire you delicious recipes !!

  5. try olive wood, by all means! it's local, and the best wood in my opinion :)

  6. hi my synchronised friend! I love when this happens, must have been when you wrote to me about cherry blossoms, I got you a cherry blossoms postcard to send you!! Cherry blossom hugs to you! take your time with writing:)) I am slow on my promise but slowly and surely..xo


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