Corner view: thankfulness

I am in one of those moments of life when everything is questioned. Work, life, taken decitions. Country is inmerse in a crisis and surviving is something we must do. I feel in darkness without knowning where to go. I am ok comparing to others here. But having an inconformist character makes me want to change....and finding it unable frustrates me a lot.
And I have this blog. And a lot of things nearly finished to open a little shop of dreams. But there is always something that makes me imposible to write regularly to take a time to open it. It is as if there was not energy enought.
But you are there. Listening, visiting and encoraging....and for that all my THANKFULNESS...without you things will be more difficult.

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  1. dear ibb-ke,
    i can imagine you are all going through a turmoil of sorts. i can but wish you togetherness and ease, and the ability to let go of worse feelings to take up with the lighter and energetic ones.
    you'll do it!

  2. Life is always a journey, up and down we go, like a roller coaster...it's one of the things I learned through life that I'm thankful for: there's always a sunrise returning after the night. Don't forget that and move forward even in bad times. You'll be thankful, later, to have gone through this.
    Good luck!!

  3. so sweet! I can police you to get things done!!! you provide room and board and entertainment and I'll just yell at you to get things done... hm... i don't think you want me on second thought... well i can yell at you a little bit:
    GET YOUR SHOP OPEN!! don't wait to make it perfect, just DO IT!
    Yo grito con amor... promise :)

  4. Love your photo.
    I have the same dreams/plans of opening my own shop but never find enough courage. Maybe we should just do it without too much thinking about it. I wish best of luck!

  5. it's probably a good time to be grateful to have a job, even if it isn't the perfect one. but i wonder whether this wouldn't be a good time to clear some of the draining cobwebs around, in order to breathe better, and have more energy after work to dedicate to stuff you love doing, and to your dreams. hugs.

  6. a beautiful picture. both the photograph and the words. though times are tough, you are able to be thankful through them ... that is a step in the right direction!

  7. You should open a shop - every time I wear that beautiful necklace you sent me, I get tons of compliments - http://oaktreecourtdesigns.blogspot.com/2012/04/wonderful-treat.html

  8. So beautiful and special that you express your world and feelings to us. Each one precious as the next . I don`t feel that `happy` is good and `sad` is bad but rather they are all parts of one `us` and to look at each moment you are in as pure wonder and to give thanks for what seems like a hard period, then to see that a `hard` time includes the other side, just to keep looking at it all as you do, and you remind me again of Rilke, to `love the questions`... which I feel you really do Ibabe, just keep loving them. And I can never THANK YOU enough for Labaru. I need to send you something soon, as everyday the yellow leaves are falling from the flaming trees, so beautiful and I so often think of you with thanks for your pure being, and now I realize I should say them more, not just keep them in thought!! ♡I love you!

  9. what a lovely photo ibb, and as so many of the above suggest, go ahead and open your shop ... maybe that will give the energy you miss.

  10. As I wrote to JGY, my universe is grey today... but, if you want, I send you the little sun I keep in my mind.
    Et je t'envoie de grosses bises.

  11. Hang in there! You will find your direction! Lovely photo by the way. Have a great weekend!

  12. strangely i think these moments come and go with the ups and downs to make us stronger as people. such is life. I read this quote sometime ago and heard it again recently - I am not concerned that you are down but i will be if you do not get back up.
    the winds will change, keep your chin up, open your shop. the fact that you turned up for this theme, tells me that you have the right attitude. hugs........
    p.s. your photo is precious.

  13. To finding the time to do the things you love...in the midst of crisis and uncertainty - those things you love are the things that keep you healthy. I hope that your journey becomes smoother and more clear.....until then, we are here to read and listen, to comment and support!

    I think it is the same for many of us at the moment - the stresses of life and economy, the stresses of home and well-being.....know that you are not alone!

  14. I recognize myself in some of your words...and we're living in a big crisis too and suffering with all the bad decisions politicians made through out the years...beijos e coragem para a tu tienda :-)


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