I am having problems with blogger and google chrome.
Unable to install google chrome, blogger is not the same...
Will try to solve soon, but will need time.

Any of you have had the same problem?

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  1. Sorry about the troubles. I am not much help, since I don't even know what google chrome is and how it ties into blogger. Does this mean if I don't install google chrome I won't have a blog someday? I realize now I should have looked into the different sites for my blog, but now I am too afraid to make the switch. Maybe there are blog doctors out there to help me with this. BIG hugs my friend. xo

  2. sorry to hear about your problems. Hope you will solve them soon.
    I have never used Google Chrome, I use Firefox and I switched recently from blogger to Wordpress.

  3. move platform, and/or change browser!

  4. Hi Ibabe,
    I don't know either about any of it, sorry I can't be of help. Good luck! It does seem like there are ever too many choices.
    Meanwhile I love the surprises from you!!! The dancers under the ginko umbrellas, the handwritten words and pcitures, I love the exchange, will read it slllowwwly....
    And I shared the lollipops with a friend. We both agreed that the taste reminds us of our childhoods, even though we never tasted it before!! Fushigi (wonder-ous!!)
    Sending Love and hugs ! And a few photos by snail mail, xo

  5. I am using Firefox and have had no trouble at all. But I know it's a bit frustrating to start using a different browser than what you're used to... I hope the problem is solved soon! Good luck!


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