Corner view: light

I travelled by train some days ago. And I was able to catch the light in the morning and in the afternoon.  Days where cloudless and sun rised and died behind little hills.
Trenean mugitzen ibili naiz azkenaldia. Eta goizeko eta gaueko argia arrapatzea lortu izan dut. Egunak hodei gabeak ziren eta eguzkia malda txikien atzean jaio eta eskutatzen zen.
He viajado en tren últimamente. Y ésto me ha permitido captar la luz del amanecer y del atardecer desde el movimiento. Los días no tenían apenas nubes y el sol se perdía y aparecía detrás de las suaves lomas de Castilla.

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  1. Whoa! The view of light you saw was amazing. xo

  2. Beautiful! How wonderful to have such beauty as you traveled!

  3. I like your sunset. Travels by train are perfect to capture beautiful things.

  4. Qué bonita luz has captado en esos viajes!

  5. huhuuuuuuuuuuu... fantastic lightshow :) i like i like i like.

  6. i like how you describe the cycle of that sun, living and dying; it is very poetic.

  7. Simply beautiful :)
    read you soon !

  8. wow - take me with you on your next train trip! :)

  9. El romanticismo de los viajes en tren y las luces doradas que abren y cierran el día. Bonitas fotos.

  10. Those skies make travelling by train so much more enjoyable!


  11. goodmorning, Ibb!
    i love that you put those moments together in one post
    light seems strong, as strong as it is in my country

    may i ask what camera you use? i am in search of a new one
    thank you,
    wish you are well

  12. qué chulas y qué bonita la luz de invierno...

  13. Your finding such beautiful light!  And your photos are getting deeper and rich, that sun in the little triptych on top is wow!!

    I feel it from here, humbled to know that you had my little diary with you on that trip:))


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