Corner view: Motion

Every friday of spring-summer, people join to dance in one of city squares. It is the "Dantza Plazan".
Udaberri-udako ostiraletan, jendea dantza egiteko juntatzen da. Dantza Plazan.
Todos los viernes de primavera-verano, la gente se junta a bailar en una de las plazas de la parte vieja. Es el "Dantza Plazan".

For more motion and movements...follow the corner.

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  1. I have to wait to see the video, but I'll come back soon. I'm sure I'll like the dance ;)
    Have a nice day.

  2. oooooooh, you make me go all giddy. that must be SO wonderful, to do that, bunch o' people, together, dancing...
    thank you for this!

  3. Oh my, this is REALLY great! Wish there was something similar in my town, but I can't imagine that much people doing funny party-dances here...but you know what? We have Open Air Tango here...TANGO...in Germany...who would have thought that?!


  4. That's great! And seems to be fun. Have a beautiful day!

  5. me encanta!! es fantástico ver a la gente bailando en un lugar público, niños y viejos, hombres y mujeres, sólo bailando!
    y tu también bailaste?

  6. this looks like fun and a great way to welcome the weekend! xo

  7. i like to see all these people dancing together, great motion

  8. Bai giro ona!
    Al menos que yo sepa, por aquí no se hace nada parecido. Pero sería estupendo... gente de todas las edades, bailando en la calle. Me gusta :)

  9. I'm dancing over here...one two three four... one two three four... wheee! :)

  10. What a good use of public space, do you join the dance?

  11. Thats so amazing, Ibb! I love it.
    I want to come there on a spring summer Friday.
    You'll recognize me,
    I'll be wearing the labaru (did I spell that right?!),
    and then we can dance together.
    Can't wait

  12. This is so great. We should all have such a square in our town or city, and meet there one night a week to dance!

  13. loving the music. tra la ri la ri la ri.
    muy "euskériko", oye. viva la tradición.

  14. fun!
    it´s great to see all those people dancing together!

    thank you for sharing this!

  15. I love it ... great CV !! (and thanks for your birthday wishes)

  16. wonderful!!! Imagine a whole city coming together on the streets for a little dance


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