Haruki Murakami

Es que, cuando te disparan, sangras.

There was a summer song some years ago that said "Japan, is far away, Japan". Maybe being so far away, so inaccesible, that makes that country so fascinating for me.

Years ago I bought some calligraphy...that sentiment made art. And thought, sometime they will hang at my home...and now they are so closed to me. Summer and Winter in the same room.

And easy way of travelling and knowing a country is reading. With who one can start? Is not easy to find japanese translated authors...and I usually star following links...with letter books, with books of writers named in letters, with books recomended by nearly unknowns in italian dinners...
Lately Murakami is near me. Exploring the complex word of human being, calling me at 3 o´clock in the morning asking me the difference between symbol and sign.

Reminding me that my home shoes has something to be with tatami and that this little geisha a friend gave me so much time ago is smiling at me.
And I will write a phrase with fire on my skin: when you are shoot, you bleed.

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  1. Nice post... Japan is a kind of ideal world for me... so are your words today !

  2. I don't get Murakami. They always start as the most beautiful books I've ever read, and I'm always disappointed and bored by the time I finish. Perhaps I don't understand Japanese semiotic.

  3. Japan - holds many wonders for me too! Lucky for me I treated myself to a trip there for my 40th birthday - no husband, no kids - deserve a trip of a lifetime and it was. I really really want to go back some day. But until then, I too am immersing myself in books about the place!


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