Bread and wine

BREAD: Lately I have tried to, first buy at farmer´s market and then made, homemade bread. I love old wooden oven bread. It lasts more, and has something more natural in its taste.
I have tried following Ivan Yarza´s lessons....but I have no luck, maybe should I try more in autumn or any ideas or links to find more clues for a great homemade bread?

WINE: The first time I remember I take contact with wine world was when I was 18. A friend of mine was from Villabuena (a little wine village in La Rioja Alavesa). We were invited to lunch and visit her parents winery. It was one of those old and tradicional winery, with little family production. After that first visit, I have visited more wineries, modern ones, traditional ones  or little and familiar ones.

I like wine, I confess. And I have a little space at kitchen to keep bottles. White for fish, vergies and pasta plates. Red for meat and winter plates. And old red for desserts.
And you?

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  1. I love making bread. My recipe is pretty simple and it's on my yeast wrapping.

    And I love wine too!!! Of course I am French;)

    I would add cheese to that list.

    Bread, Cheese and wine: heaven:)

  2. I agree with Elisabelle, you now need to write a post on cheese:)
    I don't follow a recipe when I make bread. "maiz" sounds to me like corn, which doesn't contain gluten. Making gluten-free bread is totally different from wheat based bread.

  3. I bake bread quite often, and I love the taste of hot, fresh bread-rolls straight from the oven, with only butter on them! When I was little my Mum used to bake all of our bread herself (in a stone oven, in fact) and I can never come even close to her talent!

    It was only a couple of years ago that I "discovered" wine. I didn't use to like it at all, but now I'm excited about trying new brands and finding the perfect one for each occation. :)

  4. I don't really know how to make bread and don't drink wine, but... I'm hungry now :)

  5. When you learn how to make bread you can teach me. I am ready to try again ;) Good luck, and good eating!

  6. Eeeeeeeeeeeei qué fue del trilingüismo???
    me decepcionas jajaja
    Q no, que yo entiendo que da pereza estar escribiendo en los tres idiomas y al final acabas poniendo la mitad de las cosas:)
    Por eso yo no lo hacía antes y por eso ahora actualizo cada tres milenios!
    Qué bueno el pan de casa...mi madre tiene una panificadora y hacemos de todos los tipos...recién salidito del horno está buenísimo!
    Muchos besitos, me alegro de ver que disfrutas de las cositas pequeñas a pesar de todo!
    qué bien :)

  7. We keep some wine in the cellar, I love it. And Murakami is one of my absolute favourite authors. Thanks for visiting me, will come back her too!

  8. Hola Ibb!! ¿que te pasa con el pan? porqué no te sale? Ivan lo hace de forma muy tradicional y tiene mucho trabajo... si quieres puedes ver una de sus recetas en el programa de david, está en su blog, hay un programa en donde Ivan hace un pan pero más facil, sin hacer masa madre y esas complicaciones... a mi el vino me encanta y la Rioja ni te digo... besos y disfruta... acabo de volver de vacaciones

  9. Mira, por si te interesa ver la receta: http://www.daviddejorge.com/2010/06/15/robinfood-pan-de-trigo-centeno-pasas-y-nueces/
    Es el video con Ivan.


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