Colour / Kolorea / Color

Party / Festa / Fiesta

Street / Kalea / Calle

White / Zuri / Blanca

Cubanito (Ron&Coffee&Cream) sitting on the street

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  1. Funny and beautiful ! Nothing else to ask ;)

  2. it seems enjoyable! do you dance?
    i hope you have a lovely time!

    thank you for your replies, Ibb, i look forward to them, all mornings :)

  3. Just stopped by to say thank you for sharing your very wise thoughts. Yes, I agree with you, there are so many issues in the world one just can't deal with alone. I will never be able to accept violence, but I have come to understand that I have to accept that it exists, and that I can not make it go away. It is thrue that everything starts at home, so that is my main focus. I'm staring to feel quite sorry for my mother and all the things she will never experience...

    Wanted to tell you yesterday, that I loved your comment about trains... you write very good; like a small story in everything you say!

    Have a lovely day, and again, thank you!

  4. Hope you had a good time! I missed two of our fiestas this summer.

  5. I wish we had parties like that... :)

    I loved your shoes in the earlier post!

  6. looks like fun! we never have anything like that around here, so it's nice to see through your photos. :)

  7. I want to wear those black shoes, white pants, and blue coat! Very puppet like - I love it!

  8. Pero cómo me gustan las fiestas de las ciudades y pueblos que conservan sus tradiciones y cultura de esa manera tan bonita:)
    Me parece que los vascos habéis sabido conservar vuestra forma de ser y vuestras raíces de una forma muy inteligente, aquí todo está degradado.
    Muchisimos besos y gracias infinitas por pasarte, como siempre, te lo agradezco mucho!


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