November is gone

November is gone, and I haven´t even notice it. Time has flied, and I have taken so few photos this month...that I have find it difficult to write and say something. It has been grey and rainy everyday, and although I have had no special blue mood, I have been calm and relax. Trying to start again working and moving with a timetable. Trying to enjoy everymoment, and not worring too much about what I haven´t made, but just enjoying that I have done. December starts today, and christmas are round....don´t know how to feel.
Azaroa joan egin da, ia konturatu gabe. Denborak betikora itzuli egin da, eta egin duen denbora dela eta ezin ia argazkirik atera, eta idaztekorik ezer izango balu sentitu naiz. Euriak eta egun grisek ez didate halako sentimentu arrarorik agerazari, baizik eta kalma eta erlaxua ekarri didate. Berri hasten, ordutegiarekin ibiltzen eta momentu txikiez goxatuz. Gabonak hor daude eta ez dakit nola sentitu bez...
Noviembre ha pasado en un suspiro. En el mismo tiempo en que las hojas han cambiado de color y han caido. El tiempo gris y lluvioso, no han consegui otra cosa que una extraña calma. Buscando adaptarme de nuevo a los horarios, se me ha hecho difícil sacar fotos y escribir. Tratando de que cada momento sea especial, alegrándome de lo que he hecho y no de lo que no me ha dado tiempo....Diciembre está ya, y  las navidades están a la vuelta de la esquina...

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  1. The actual time passes quickly. But for me, this is a time of rest and relaxation. I have made ​​up my mind I will not let stress. And the intent I suppose especially with the new year. The last month and the next year will be pretty casual.

  2. feel happy, you have a lot to look forward to: growing family, a job, and ... winter! :)

  3. Ha volado y yo tampoco sé cómo ha pasado. Es una locura.

  4. I love it I love it! I hadn`t seen this post until now, and you will see, I just posted some ginkos for you!
    My heart feels tickled by two little polka dotted birds.
    What a sweet and rare joy to feel such a connection.
    I love you!

  5. Time flies here too ... Xmas is almost here and I am not ready with the Wish cards !
    I could not find a flexible printer (they require minimum 100 pcs) so I won't be able to make a calendar this year, I am sorry ...
    Happy December and thanks for your visits and your comments on the blog, hope all is fine on your side.


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