New accesories in shop

I want to show you more details about the accesorie shop update. Playing with different materials, textures and colours, these pieces are made with clay and ropes. Hope you like them.
Gauza berri hauek erakutzi nahi nizuen. Denda berrian daude. Zeramika eta beste materialezko kolore jokoa izugarri gustatu izan zait, beltzez eta kolore ilunez janzten garenen artean toke bat emateko.
Os quería enseañar lo último que he subido a la tienda de accesorios. He intentado crear piezas con materiales muy dispares como el algodón o trapillo y la cerámica. Perfectos contrapustos para aquellas que como yo vestimos el invierno de colores oscuros. Espero que os gusten.

6 comentarios:

  1. Pues quedan genial con el fondo oscuro. Muy bonitos.

  2. very nice! i also think it was a good idea to open an etsy, good luck!

  3. I fell in loove with that pink necklace! And you have a lovely blog!
    visit mine at
    www.forthosewhoneedsparkle.blogspot.com ♥

  4. Hi Ibabe. So wonderful, love your combination of different materials and great how you've used so happy colors! Great work dearest and have a wonderful weekend:-)

  5. You are creating such beauty!! Looks like having the shop is great for you to explore and discover and let your creativity flow.
    My favorite color combination is that pink and green!! I hardly accessorize except of course the Labaru which has become a part of me, but if I do go for another accesory, now I know where to find it!! ♡


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