Corner view: roadside

Every morning I go out with my dog. Every morning I find different persons roadsides, like beautiful woman, others from other galaxys and smiling elephants.
Egunero txakurra ateratzen diat. Goizero personai desberdinak topatzen ditut bide ertzean, emakume xarmantak, beste galaxiatik etorritakoak, eta irribartzu agur esaten duen elefantea.
Todas las mañanas saco a pasear al perro. Y cada día me topo con diferentes personas que me miran desde los caminos.

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  1. what an artful roadside :)

  2. what an artful roadside :)

  3. Roadsides are very nice near your home, this is a real show!

  4. That would be a perfect walk with my daughter. She photographed each graffiti, which she can find on the roadside.

  5. Sometimes, I don't like these paintings... today, I love them ;

    You had a beautiful idea... Here is the beginning of a story : We find in the red car the stuff of a missing person, a young woman. Il'd really like to write her story (which would not necessarily be dramatic)... But, I have to work and to travel during 2 months (you can see my posts on Monde d'Ö are short)... and I need time ;)) (and to to perfect my English).

    Have a beautiful day

  6. You and your dog have great adventure, the world so colourful and fun,
    because you are open to its wonders:))
    Thanks for noticing my bicycle in my post, he says thank you too for noticing, you make him (bicycle-chan) feel noticed and loved!!
    I love how you make the `small` `big` and magnify the magic around you!!

  7. That elephant really tugs at my heart!

  8. it's a morning breather, to be awakened by such an abundance of colour!

  9. this is beautiful - the close look at the street art. i am always glad when i find beautiful, meaningful graffiti, they tell me many of our souls and hearts are still alive.

  10. colorful! I'm not a huge fan of graffitis - but as long as they're not on my walls, they're fine :)


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