Corner view: sacred spaces

There is something sacred in the light of autumn days. That light is a sacred space for those who love taking photos.
Badago zeozer berezia udazken arratsetako argian. Hori da argazkia gustatzen zaigunon tenplo berezia.
La luz del atardecer de otoño es algo sagrado. Un lugar sagrada al que acudimos aquellos a los que nos gusta la fotografía.

Those alltime shops are little sacred spaces to keep history and handmade heritage.
Denda txiki hauek dira leku sakratuak, non historia eta eskulana gordeak diren.
Estas tiendas son pequeños templos donde la historia y la artesania se guardan con esmero.

And going to sea. That is my sacred space where I can think, imagine and feel confortable just taking a look at the waves, the colours, and the smell of salt.
Eta itsasora hurbiltzeak badu halako efektu berezia niretzat. Non lasai eser nahitekeen, pentsatzera, imaginatzera eta hobe sentitzera. 
El mar, ese es mi templo, donde me siento cómoda para pensar, para sentirme bien, simplemente viendo las olas, los colores y el olor a sal.

And good news for this week. I start working next month. Yeup!

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  1. Right, there are fantastic lights during autumn. I often regret not always have my camera with me when I see a beautiful light.

  2. so right ... I love the smell of the sea :)

  3. I, too, find the autumn light to be sacred ... and the sea, too. Beautiful pictures :)

  4. yes, i feel this way about the old, traditional shops, it is like entering the heart's home of the owner.

  5. Felicidades por el trabajo!! Me alegro muchísimo y me das esperanza, tengo muchos amigos y familiares en el paro que no encuentran nada. Preciosas las fotos, me requetechifla la de la tiendecita, yo también soy fan de ese tipo de tiendas.Que pases un buen finde!

  6. Sigh! Wonderful photos, the first one is just wonderful, warm autum lights, but what makes me want to jump up and want to go to the sea instantly is this awesome photo with turquois clear water, fresh and tempting, there is nothing better than sitting at the sea to just watch and breath.
    Wish you wonderful golden october days.
    Barbara Bee

  7. fantastic shop! those kind of shops are definitely sacred to me :)

  8. the autumn is kind af sacred, all the leaves falling, all things going back into the ground ( to pop up in spring again)....

  9. I think we like the same sacred spaces. Have a nice day.

  10. I does seem like the light is even more special during autumn and is a great time to take lots of extra photos!

  11. you've summed it all up to us, ibb. i couldn't agree more, n♥

  12. Wonderful photos Ibabe and such lovely light - Such lovely baskets, I indeed treasure craftmanship and so wonderful to see old techniques and handwork being displayed. Thank you so much for sharing Ibabe and great to see you're now on etsy, way to go girl!

  13. the light, the sea... make the perfect sacred spaces and i love your way of seeing and being in them!


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