Lost time

After some days I am unable to manage with time. So I lost my last corner views, lost my reading routine...will need a bit of time to get used. Sorry if I haven´t thanked your words, but I am a bit off.
Egunak aurrera dihoaz eta erritmoa galdu dut. Ezin eguneroko gauzekin konpondu. Denborari erritmoa galdu egin diot. Ezin idatzi, ezin irakurri...denbora beharko diat. Mila esker lagatako hitzengatik. 
Los días transcurren y me doy cuenta que le he perdido el ritmo al tiempo. Estoy como pez fuera del agua. Se me olvidan las cosas, no me da tiempo a hacer nada...le he perdido el pulso al tiempo. Necesitaré algo de tiempo para habituarme. Gracias por vuestras palabras, significan mucho.

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  1. Do not worry about us! We will be here whenever you are...take your time to adjust....just know that we are thinking about you and we hope that even in this time of uncertainty a new job appears.....

  2. Yes - like Di said, don't worry about us. Take care of yourself, take your time, and heal. That is what matters, and what is most important.

    1. But you are also so important in this moments...someone to talk about I don´t want to lost ;)

  3. I hope that your losing track of time means that you're busy figuring things out. can't be easy, and i'm sure it's a very involving time for you. thinking of you. (and I will handwrite that letter!).

  4. Yes, Take your time, Ibabe! Always remember the world is here for YOU! There is no rush to `being`. Most probably (definitely) the things you are doing now are all you need to be doing. It may feel like you don`t have time, but if you just be in where you are, each moment is all the time you need. A lot of the rest of the things we think we need to do cause stress because really we don`t need to do them and then be surprised how the `time` will open and give you space for what awaits. Rilkean? Consciousness? Lots out there to explore and feel , feel,♡ feel ♡for the open doors.
    Lots of love,♡

  5. me too, me too.

    i'm not sure whether it was just a while or a long time ago since i last visited here, but i really, really like the new look of your blog.

  6. Ya le cogerás el tranquillo... yo ahora trabajo por la tarde, pensaba que con las mañanas para mi sola me iba a cundir y que iba a hacer de todo... y que va! La mañana es un nuevo mundo para mi y se me va que no me entero... Piensa que es un momento de ajuste porque estoy segura de que dentro de poco te llegará algo bueno. Besos

  7. your OFF is granted!
    enjoy the time left!!!

  8. ... I have some little things to send to you... soon.
    Today I send to you a big big hug.

  9. Thank you ibabe, in your time of lost time
    for taking time to send me...i don`t know yet what
    but i received it
    and will open it
    under the cherry blossoms
    pink carpet
    Will reveal it soon and send more detailed thanks then!!
    Meanwhile, oh no i forgot how to thank you in Spain, oh yes..
    Muchas gracias!!♡

  10. take your time ... and I like your new page set up and banner !

  11. Ya pasa esto, de cuando el ritmo normal se para de golpe el tiempo cambia totalmente. Poco a poco la actividad irá volviendo y más ahora en primavera. Una abrazo!


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