Corner view: Stunning Architecture

I am back after some days in the high mountains, far for everything, looking for a path to follow. Back after having my computer k.o. during more than a week. Back after celebrating my birthday with family and friends in a perfect sunny day.
Itzuli egin naiz, denboraldia mendia artean igaro ondores. Ordenagailua apurtuta eduki ondores eta atzo urtebetetzea eguzkiz, lagunez eta familiaz igaro ondoren.
Ya estoy de vuelta,después de un retiro en la montaña, para pensar o no pensar en nada. Tras tener el ordenador estropeado por casi una semana, y tras haber celebrado mi cumpleaños con amigos y familia en un perfecto día soleado.

I am back to show that the more stunning architecture I have found is that built by nature.
Itzuli naiz erakusteko nola arkitekturarik izugarriena beti naturak ekartzen duen.
He vuelto para mostraros que la arquitectura más increible siempre viene de manode la naturaleza.

Photos are from Pyrenees. Near the higher mountains.

8 comentarios:

  1. Pictures from paradise... Stunning, no doubt.

  2. Mountains are (one of) the most beautiful natural architectures, sure...and I love Pyrenees :)

  3. Zein ederra! Elurra gehi eguzkia, zein konbinazio polit eta baketsua.

  4. Wow! Lucky you!!
    Happy Birthday!!
    To convene with the natural beauty of the universe, ooh stunning!!

  5. Guess what, my friend? We are in the same situation. You lost your job, I just quit mine. And I believe we were both unhappy in our jobs, weren't we? Let's look at this as an opportunity! I can't wait to see what you will end up with, or what I will start doing. Think happy thoughts! :)

    1. Thanks for that...we weren´t happy...now we have a new opportunity...I am thinking about going abroad, here thinks are not good...
      If you want to talk...you know where I am!

  6. nature is indeed the most stunning architect of all.
    i was waiting for this entry.
    glad you got to upload on its power, ibb!

  7. happy belated birthday, Ibabe! I hope you found peace, beauty and a direction!


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