Rainy weekend

Weather has changed into autumn mood this weekend. Rain. Cold. Time at home. Inside drying. Knitting. Cooking and saying bye to sandals. Inside autumn colours.

Astebukaeran udazkena iritsi da. Euria.Hotza. Barruan arropa zikatzen zaiatu. Sukaldean denbora pasatzen. Josten. Udako zapatak ohe azpian izkutatzen. Udazken koloreeak sentituz.

El fin de semana ha abierto la puerta al otoño. El frío. La lluvia. Estar en casa. Tratar de secar ropa dentro. Decir adiós a las sandalias y hola a las lanas. Cocinar. Dar la bienvenida a esos colores otoñales.

How about your shorting day routine?

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  1. I've been thinking of you, what's going on there? I must say, it's nice to see a country react (peacefully) - over here, we're so totally fatalists and apathetic, unable or unwilling to shake up and take action. Hope "sunnier" days are in the cards for our countries soon.

  2. otoño. está aquí. no hay vuelta atrás (llevamos unos días soleados y agradables... mañana auguran tormenta. oh well...)


  3. hello, this is north speaking:
    we have had more rain than ever last month.
    i don´t care. i´ve started to listen my rhythm-
    sleep when i feel like sleeping and drink coffee during the night if i feel like it. haven´t even noticed the rain.
    days are getting darker and shorter- that´s great! longer nights!
    listening max richter night and day. granny rules!

  4. saying bye for now to the sandals is the worst part i think :)


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