Last summer days by Mediterranean sea

I took some days to disconect from all and enjoy the "last summer days" near mediterranean sea. We enjoyed warm temperatures, bike hours, beautiful night colours and the last sandals hours. 
The area was really calm, few people, little noise, no jacket need.night walk.
Egun batzuk nituen oraindik oporretarako. Beraz meditarreneoruntz ihes egin genuen bizikletekin. Tenperatura epela, bizikleta gaineko orduak, gaueko koloreak eta sandalietan pasatako azken orduak. Benetan lasai zegoen dena, jende gutxi, ixiltasuna eta txaketa gabeko gaua.
Tenía todavía unos días guardados de vacaciones. Y aprovechando que aquí en el norte se había echado ya el otoño encima, huímos hacia el mediterraneo. Temperaturas agradables, horas de bicicleta, atardeceres naranjas y las últimas horas en sandalias. La zona estaba realmente tranquila, poco ruido y paseos por la  noches sin chaqueta.

I came back full of energy. Hope to be able to transmit all I want to share with you.
Energiaz betea etorri naiz. Gauza asko ditut buruan zuekin konpartitzeko.
He venido con las pilas cargadas. Espero poder transmitir todo lo que bulle en mi cabeza.

Now real autumn time!

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  1. It's almost unbelievable how you are still wearing sandals, as in some parts of our country we have already had a little snow! Well, not to stay, but at least for a moment.

    I'm glad you are relaxed and well. I am quite tense and busy, but it's going to be worth it when we finally get to go on that secret trip of ours. 12 more nights to our first flight, can't wait to tell you about it! :)

  2. It looks like a lovely trip.....I hope that autumn is lovely with you! We had 5 days of glorious sunshine and now 5 days of hideous rain!!

  3. oh, what a beautiful stretch of coast. enjoy autumn.

  4. How perfect! You transmitted to us so beautifully the feel of `last sandal hours`,
    I can feel it!!
    And thanks for the reminder, I need to buy a real pair of shoes, as it`s that time here and all I have are sandals and open clogs!!

  5. Summer has gone here, it is raining in Colomers, and the sea was wild today in Tamariu, but I am loving my short break, hope for a better weekend then back to London on Monday v x


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