Corner view: wood

Lately I am taking tree photos all the time. I find fascinating the texture of the wood, the little colours, animals and details one can fin in one of this photos. The past of human, the nature streght, the wind...all this leaves something on them, we can discover. Love those kind of photos...and would like to receive more from all parts of the wordl, just to have my own wood. Anyone wants to contribute to this huge wood map?

This is the wooden box my uncle gave me up, when I was nine. He did it for my comunion gift. With my name, traditional works and beautiful dolls in the cover. It is something special that today is at my parents as I cannot find the perfect place here.

More wooden dreams in Norwegian wood and at Francesca´s

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  1. I would love to walk on that path in your picture. Trees and forests are something that make my soul alive, whenever I'm in the woods I feel calm and peaceful. I think it has something to do with the fact that when I was little my Dad used to take us there with him. I cherish those memories now that my Dad isn't here anymore.

    That wooden box is a piece of art!

  2. Wow the box is gorgeous. What a treasure forever... Nice Uncle and lucky you :^)

  3. Me gusta especialmente la primera fotografía, esa corteza arrugada, como la piel de un anciano, con la textura que dan los años. Dicen que si abrazas un árbol puedes sentir su energía vital. A mí me hacen sentir más viva con sólo mirarlos.
    La caja es preciosa, hermoso regalo, un recuerdo para toda la vida.

  4. I would love to contribute to the making of your own wood!

  5. I love trees too! Someone once told me I was a tree! Go figure. lol... The box is a wonderful treasure. xo

  6. Nice box and photos!!! I love the texture of wood too, and the smells...

  7. I can feel your deep love for and connections to the wood. I`ll see if I can take a woody picture for you*))
    Greetings from a fake-woodsy little booth in the internet cafe.

  8. Ooooois qué chula la cajita!
    Os gusta a tod@s mucho Norwegian wood, voy a tener que leermelo!
    muchos besos, sigue disfrutando de las cositas :)

  9. Great photos! I love trees ... I always touch them when everytime I go to the park or country. The wooden box is very beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Zein argazki politak... eta oso polita zure osabak egindako kutxa. Ni aspaldian egur taila egiten nuen eta ikaragarri gustatzen zaizkit lan hauek.
    Muxu handi bat.


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