Corner view: noticing

Noticing how nature changes. How beauty can be found in the high sky and the soft ground.
Nola natura aldatzen den ausnartzen. Nola edertasuna zeruan edo lurrean topa daitekeen.
Dándonos cuenta como la naturaleza cambia. Como podemos encontrar la belleza en lo alto del cielo o en el más suave de los suelos.

Noticing how things can be follow a row. Growing in its ilusionary freedom.
Nola gauzak lerroan hazi daitezkeen ausnartuz. Nola hazi daitezkeen ilusiozko askatasun batean.
Dándonos cuenta como las cosas pueden crecer en línea. Siguiendo una libertad ficticia.

Noticing that after a year of falling down the beauty of flowers is over and all you can find is a shadow of what one thinked it would be. Just noticing always reality is a bad taste joke.
Urte pasatxo denean, lurrean erori ziren lorak haien edertasuna galdu dutela konturatzen zera, eta uste zutenaren itzala ez direla besterik. Errealitatea gusto txarreko txistea dela konturatuz.
Dándome cuenta que después de una año, la belleza de las flores que cayeron es simplemente una sombra de lo que debían haber sido. La realidad es simplemente  un chiste de mal gusto.

Sorry, today is Saint Joan and it is an strange aniversary for me. A kind of retrospective day.

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  1. i´m loving everyone´s take on this theme. beautiful ibb. thank you!

  2. How to forget the bad joke, sometimes, I think, again an again, Nature always wins...

    I know how it's difficult to live when we are lucid ;) So, I found a king of drug... in the beauty of the world !

    Big hug

  3. your cv is so beautiful.
    And all my toughts and hugs are for you today

  4. muy bonitas las fotos y tus textos, ánimo Ibb!

  5. Mmm yo tampoco salgo hoy...
    No pienses en chistes malos ni en sombras, porque ahora lo que tiene que venir es todo luz y diálogos dignos de cine independiente :)
    Muchisimos besos, disfruta!

  6. very beautiful tree n the first photo

  7. Watching nature through seasonal changes - love that too :^)

  8. What to say. I hope you can see this year just gone by as a good distance from a sad and difficult time in your life. There are shadows, but also bright sunshine. Hugs.
    PS Are those bushes growing in boxes what you photographed covered in snow?

  9. Beautiful post ... hope you will be happy again soon.

  10. so beautiful... and you've made it a whole year. through all the seasons. big hug to you, ibb.

  11. Thank you for the lovely mail. It couldn't have arrived on a better day, I really needed it now. I feel like writing a letter back to you, there are many things I want to tell you.

    I hope you are well today. You are strong.

  12. Time, season and month, time go away ...

  13. Beautiful reflection. Here's to looking forward, at the sun shining and an unwritten future. May it be the best yet!

  14. oooh, such great shots...

    i'm sorry i don't stop by anymore and thanks for the words... if you need, i'm here too

    have a great weekend

  15. vaya...
    si te sirve de algo que te diga que tus fotos son preciosas : )

  16. noticing your wonderful way of making and seeing the poetry in ...all...:)
    to nature and noticing and connexions:)
    sorry I am late for last weeks corner,xo


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