Yesterday afternoon we have a little exhibition of the things we made in ceramic class.
Atzo zeramika klasekoen lanekin expozizio txiki bat izan genuen.
Ayer a la tarde tuvimos una pequeña exposición de los trabajos de la clase de cerámica

The first two photos are from other classmate´s work. Little fish lamps. And B&W bottons.
Lehenengo bi argazkiak klasekide batenak dira. Bi arrai lampara eta zuri beltzezko botoiak.
Las primeras dos fotos son de los trabajos de una compañera. Dos lámparas forma de pez y botones en B&N.

And these are some of my works. Working with two types of clays.
Eta nire lanak. Bi buztin klasekin lanean.
Y estos son mis trabajos. Piezas con dos tipos de barro.

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  1. A very nice and creative work ! I'm happy to see it !

  2. How nice to get a chance to show your work and see what the others have made. Working as part of a small group can be an invaluable learning experience. I see you're always drawn to abstract shapes and patterns. Hope you'll continue next year! Wish you a happy and sunny weekend Ibabe!

  3. Very cool! I don't think I would be any good in a ceramic class. For some reason I tend to be clumsy and drop things.

  4. Que chulo Ibb, amante del blanco y negro... como yo! beso

  5. Your work is very interesting! Thanks for sharing. xo

  6. tú estás hecha una moderna de cuidao!!
    me encantan tus cositas de cerámica, siemrpe te quedan muy pintorescas cuando sacas fotos de ellas :)
    Un millon de besos

  7. They are so beautiful! I took a class before and made a cup... looks so organic and a bit stiff.. Hope you had a great time!!

  8. I love the graphic touch of your work, especially the ones in the middle. Have an inspirational week!

  9. Hello, dear Ibb! nice to see your face again! your work is lovely, like pieces of a puzzle


  10. Congratulations on your exhibit! I really like your b/w's. They have a feel of something in Japan called "sumi nagashi" where you put ink in water and swirl it around and dip paper in, and get really cool and marble-y effects. I have been intrigued by that lately, and enjoy seeing your work that have that feeling too.


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