Corner view: contrast

Life have lots of contrast with which we have to dealer everyday.
Yesterday was my father´s birthday. He is 70. I nearly forgot the date, all day saying that has to phone him, and at 9 pm mum sent me an sms reminding me. Today will go out with him to drink something and let him talk about the world. Loves talking.
Yesterday a friend´s cousin died. He was 40. After all summer in hospital, his body lost the fight and left a wife and family broken in pain.
Sometimes is difficult to deal with those extrem feelings in the same day. Trying to feel happy for one thing and trying not to fall in black hole for others. Living itself is a contrast.
Bizitza batzutan kontrastez beteriko dagoen egunerokotasuna da.
Atzo aitaren urtebetetzea izan zen. 70. Egun osoa deitzekotan egon ta gero, amak gauean sms bat bidali behar izan zidan gogorarazterko. Gaur berarekin geratu naiz zeozer hartzera eta hitzegitera. Maite du hitzegitea.
Atzo lagun baten lehengusua hil egin zen. 40 urte besterik zituen. Udara osoa hospitalean borrokan ibili ta gero, gorputzak gudua galdu izan zuen. Emaztea eta minez apurturiko familia utzi zituen.
Batzutan egun berdinean holako kontrasteekin aurrera ateratzea zaila egiten da. Bizitza bera kontrastea bat da.
La vida está llena de contrastes con los que tenemos que lidiar día a día.
Ayer fue el cumpleaños de mi padre. 70 años. Después de todo el día acordándome, a las 9 de la noche mi madre me recordó con un sms que no le había llamado. He quedado hoy a tomar algo con él y dejarle hablar. Le encanta hablar.
Ayer murió el primo de un amigo. Tenía solo 40 años. Después de todo el verano luchando en el hospital, perdió la batalla. Dejó mujer y una familia rota de dolor.
Lidiar el mismo día con esos sentimientos tan contradictorios no resulta muchas veces fácil. La vida resulta en sí una sola contradicción.

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  1. i forgot to call my brother on his birthday on Monday, and STILL haven't made up for it! I'm sending him a text right now.
    very sorry for the sad moments.

    1. Thanks so much. It was not very closed but those things make to you think deep in real sense of life.

  2. To live and die is often so close together. And it is the biggest contrast that exists at all. Black-white, winter-summer, male-female, day-night, dog-cat, child-adult, blossom-wilt, and eventually live-die.

    I wish you a wonderful evening with your father!

  3. For everything there is a season. Enjoy the date with your Dad. I like the contrast sign in your post, looks like a neon sign needing to be plugged in and brought to life.

  4. it is, it really is. life as such is nothing but contrasts... some are terrificly difficult to swallow. i feel for your loss. hopefully the upside of contrast can creep in again soon. n♥

  5. Yes, the line between happiness and sorrow are very thin. Happy Birthday to your father! I hope he had a fantastic day! So sorry for your friends family. Hope they are able to find comfort that he is no longer in pain.

  6. I like the graphic contrast---cool. :>) Life is indeed full of contrasts.


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