Lazy days

Lately I am a bit out of everywhere. Grey days come one after another, and summer mood is a bit forgotten. I am more in a lazy autumn mood. Waiting for a week of holidays, days pass without leaving even a good photo. So trying to recover that spirit of taking photos and trying to write what all that I find around transmits, I post this photos of morning light.
Those mornings with special light, that made the day so special.

Azkenaldian gogo gabe nabil. Egun gris eta hotzek azkenean humorean zerikusia dute, eta humoreak eta gogoek behera egin dute. Jai egunen zai, egunak argazki gabe pasatzen dira. Zeozer berezi hori gabe. Bata bestearen atzean, halako sentimendu berezirik esnatu gabe. Argazki zahar hauek atera ditut, non goizeko argi berezi horiek jasotzen diren. Ea berezitasun horrek halanola neure gogoa altzatzeko gai diren.
Últimamente los días pasan unos detrás de otros sin dejar ese poso especial que todos esperamos. Los días grises y fríos están dejando huella y mi humor está bajo mínimos. Es como si estuvieramos entrando en invierno en vez de en verano. Simplemente el echo de esperar a la semana de vacaciones anima un poco mi estado.
He rescatado estas fotos viejas de amaneceres buscando tal vez que la luz especial inunde de nuevo mis fotos y mi ánimo.

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  1. Je t'envoie de chaleureuses pensées...

  2. Ze argazki politak! Neri ez zaizkit sekula naranja kolore hoiek ongi ateratzen kamararekin -.-'

  3. This colors are gigantic. And I love lazy days. :)

  4. This is the same here. For some time, the spirit of summer is no longer there because the weather is gray and not very hot. When I work, it doesn't bother me much... but when I'm on vacation this is different ;)

  5. today it's summertime again, warm and nice...it will stay a couple of days like this.
    Here it's either very humid or cold!! Wintercoat cold!
    Enjoy your lazy days!

  6. that orange and blue
    something only God
    can do
    and how humbly he then
    shares it with you

    you who show Him to us
    in all his

    (Hi Ibb, love your photos, they inspired a comment poem this time:))
    xo sometimes I think I don`t want to take any pictures at all anymore, just experience.
    And yet when I see your photos, I see that taking pictures is a wonderful way to share with others:)) Lazy here too its so hot, but today I will sike myself up because theres a marathon (5hours) disco party in the evening. xo♡

  7. Thanks for your message! I don't really "write" in this moment (except for my work) and I don't forget your text ;) I had little health worries and a lot of work, but I shall be on holidays soon. How are you? Will you take some holidays in August?

  8. Hi sweet friend Ibabe! I received a package from Spain. So exciting and happy to read your words and open your surprises.
    I want to bring some of the sweet yellow chews to the flower field! I love that message, and tried a few chews:)) I am packing the colour pencils because I leave for NY via Tokyo in a few Hours!! So just a quick on the way out message to say Muchas Gracias and what a pleasure, I will write again from NY!! good timing, so happy to have received it, happy lazy days to you! love ♡

  9. That light and those colors are absolutely stunning. How are you, my friend? I've been away for a long while, but I'm trying to get back in business again. :)

  10. hey, congratulations for the opening of your shop, I am sure it will be full of little treasures ...


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