Liebster blog: So thanked!

Some days ago, my friend Sophia, awarded my blog. I cannot find the worlds for so kind prize.
I have been quite busy so I have been late to give my award to five more blogs.

It is not easy, just because I have found friends more than readers.

Here is my 5 awarded blogs and why:

  • Beruta: love the little word she was developed around her ladies
  • Victoria: just because I find the simple word of her fascinating
  • Leire: creativity from so near living a bit far away
  • Ötli: and universe travelling from east to west and from reality to fiction
  • Estibaliz: just because I love the coast she shares with an universe of artful pictures

Hope you like them.

Promise to write soon. Have lot of photos to share.

3 comentarios:

  1. big THANKS :)
    and a heart like the one I can see here...

  2. dear friend, goodmorning to you!
    your blog is a whole world
    and it's full of emotion

    thank you!

  3. Happy award!
    I am finally eating the "lollipop" candy and taste the purple sweetness from your corner!!
    Thank you for sharing your world with us.


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