Corner view:on the ground

1.- Love the colour of the ground in La Rioja, land of wine. It has a special colour.So red, so pure to transmit to the wine.
Errioxako lurraren kolorea maite diat.Gorrixka, ardoak duen kolorearen aita.
Me encanta el color de la tierra de La Rioja. Es como si de alguna forma transmitiera esa intensidad al vino
2.- Snow. Always need to go to walk on snow. 
Elurra. Beti irten behar naiz elurra zapaltzera.
Siempre tengo que salir a pisar nieve. 
3.- I love to visit sea ports when ships are near ground. To see the details, to smell the sea so deep.
Maite diat portuak itxasontziz beterik daudenean, hain daude hurbil detaileak eta itxasoaren usaia.
Me encantan los puertos cuando los barcos están amarrados a tierra. Los detalles del mar y su olor están tan cerca.
4.5.- What ground brings us.
Lurrak ematen dizkiguna
Lo que nos brinda la tierra 

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  1. The land you walk on is beautiful Ibb. Love the red earth for tasty wine!

  2. I love your little composition!


  3. i know i could easily live without snow, but not without the flowers!

  4. oh, you have very nice things at your feet in your corner :)

  5. I hope some day I get to visit a place where there are large vineyards. They look so beautiful.

    Lovely flowers! :)

  6. I came back to say there's a challenge for you in my blog, if you'd like to have one! :)

  7. Hellow again... greetings from north - at last we have spring here...and my secret garden is waiting...

  8. Very grounding!
    Guess which I love, all of them of course, but I am particularly smiling at the cherry blossom in your hand:))
    Glad you got my photos, and you are always near (literally on my heart!!)

  9. Little lovely and poétic things :)

  10. dear ibb, could you please send a breeze of sea air? I´m so longing for it

  11. what a lovely ground-mosaic! warm greetings from Paris!

  12. Un salut amical au passage... I'm late to write a letter to you... but, holidays are on their way ;)

  13. la rioja. wow.
    sí. estoy bien, gracias. ¿tú?


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