Leather working II

Using a jeweler compass to mark the holes.
Bitziegile konpasa erabiliz zuloak markatzen dira.
Con un compás de joyero se marcan los agujeros.

Just making the holes one by one.
Haciendo agujeros uno a uno.

Sewing with two needles.
Bi orratzekin joziz.
Cosiendo con dos agujas.

Here we have the result.
Eta hemen dau funda berria.
La funda ya está.

And any tipps about android apps and so are wellcome.

20 comentarios:

  1. Wonderful Ibb! What a treasure, you have a gift!

  2. This is great! Amazing work! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. It's beautiful. I would have never guessed the two needle sewing - I'll have to try it!

  4. You did an amazing work! I'm impressed.

  5. Vaya profesionalidad...
    Y el móvil tan contento, con su abriguito nuevo :)

  6. hope your hands are doing well after all the punching :)

  7. hiciste muy buen trabajo!! no has pensado en abrir una tienda Etsy?

  8. Te ha quedado muy bien, hace un contraste interesante entre la rusticidad del cuero y la modernidad de tu nuevo móvil, besitos!!!!

  9. just GREAT- better than every other bag for a handy...

  10. Te ha quedado precioso! Aprovecha esa habilidad que tienes para las manualidades!

  11. funda berria... me encanta cómo suena tu lengua :)

  12. Love seeing your process, it came out great!
    Sorry I don`t know anything about androids or apps*))
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. hi ,PS I sent you an e-mail yesterday, today I see it got returned.
    Did you change the e-mail address?
    Or maybe is my computer.. Or maybe means it's better to write you a proper letter by mail.!


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