Corner view: Artist

My mum started to paint when she retaired four years ago. This is her last picture.
Amak pintatzen hasi zen jubilatzean orain lau urte. Hau bere azken kuadroa da.
Mi madre empezó a pintar cuando se jubilo hace cuatro año. Este es su último cuadro

Apart from painting, she knit, beautiful gloves, crochet nearly everything, had done a lot of clothes to us and for her, and has a great hand ability. She is my favourite artist....and the one I love more and more.
Pintatzeaz aparte, josten du, puntua egiten eta gantxilora engantzatua dago, txikitan arropa egiten zigun...Nire artista maiteena da...gero eta gehiago.
Mi madre a parte de pintar, hace punto, cose, hace ganchillo, nos hacía la ropa cuando eramos pequeños y cose para ella...tiene gran habilidad. Es mi artista favorita...y cada vez me gusta más.

Look for more artist just over the corners

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  1. WOW your mom is a very talented artist!!! I love this painting. xo

  2. I'm impressed! Joyce hit the point: very talented mother!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. thank you, Ibb,
    you are right and just as in most of your comments

    it has not been the best weather for me either,
    i only wish for us to be patient and accept and regain consciousness
    i think you are very close

  4. Que genial tu madre!!
    no me extraña que sea tu artista favorita
    (me encantaría que leyese este Post).
    Un besazo para ambas.

  5. qué orgullo tener esa gran artista en casa!

  6. how nice ... your mother is talented. it's a beautiful painting :)

  7. Lucky you are!
    She his a great painter. I like this painting!!!
    What a corner and a discovery!

  8. Your mother is talented, and loved. The best combination! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Está muy bien, tiene un gran dominio de las luces y sombras y es bonito, felicítale de mi parte

  10. She is awesome. What a lucky girl you are to have a talented mum :)

  11. so sweet, ibb! your mom must be so moved and happy.

  12. que gusto de madre! ...yo aprendi todas esas cosas precisamente porque la mía no lo hacíua jajaja!
    oye tus panes tiene una pinta buenísima!

  13. Looks like you have a wonderful mum/artist!

  14. oh my goodness, that is just so beautiful!!!
    both the amazing painting, and the sentiments and love you express towards your mom:))
    A big smile from this side of the world...and a cookie!

  15. Ola. Thanx for your comment.
    Amazing painting. Your mum is very talnted. Do you paint? Knit?
    Is this Euskera you're writing? Love it! I learned Spanish years ago, forgot most of it.
    Have a nice day!

  16. your mother is really talented ... and I will be happy to do a spring swap, let's plan for march so we have time to collect little treasures ... Happy wednesday !!

  17. Thanx for your quick replay.
    If you'll visit your friend in Ljubljana, please contact me, I'd love to meet you.

  18. talent indeed, and by the sounds of it, a proper mum! ;)

  19. WOW - the painting is beautiful. That white material is almost jumping out of the painting, almost like I can touch it.
    What a great talent your mom is.

  20. your blog is lovely. and your mom's paintings - amazing! i would love to see them in real life.

  21. You told me she was a painter. Now I can see for myself..she is very gifted!

  22. i missed you this morning
    and took a walk here with you!
    hope you are well,


  23. Such gorgeous details in that picture! Crafty moms are the best :-)

  24. She is good!!!And can´t get her knitted gloves out of my mind...You are lucky to have such a wonderful mom!!!


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